Easy Double Exposure Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

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Yeyyyy, another double exposure tutorial in photoshop, i just love making this effect, mostly because it has endless possibilities. it dose not take very long time and is always fun.

Thus you get another tutorial on this effect 😀 and first time i did not use images from deviantart for this effect, and working with new images was good idea, i m happy with final output.

Video is not very long, just basic steps of double exposure and then couple adjustment layers, that it !!!

i have also noticed that in my tutorial you guys are not leaving your suggestions and ideas for tutorial, if you could that it would be nice 😉


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26 responses to “Easy Double Exposure Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. allegrias Avatar


  2. Sergio Terron Avatar

    something happend whit me, en minute 4:40, mask alt+backspace do not change, why ???
    thanks and grettings

  3. SM Fahad Hussain Avatar

    looks like creative deisgn

  4. Godfrey Erasto Avatar

    nice tutorial…but sorry bro what is alternative when you click Alt+Backspace for mack because I use windows.

  5. neeta budhraja Avatar

    wow.. i tried this.. its awesome.. thank u fr teaching such effects..
    and thank u soooo much fr providing th images.. it ws a big help..

  6. NR Creations Avatar

    this tutorial was so good plz do some coloring tutorials too

  7. marisol garcia Avatar

    I love all your tutorials. You make it so easy to follow. By the way, you speak fine in English. I don't have any problem understanding you. Thank you so much for everything. Keep it up!

  8. Bilal John Avatar

    this ws soo gud. bt i cant do it completely. i cant paint white after alt+backspace.. why is that so. it just remains the same.

  9. Spectrum Split Avatar

    Awesome! That made my understanding become better!

  10. Riza Rizvi Avatar

    wha'ts the theme behind this art work?

  11. Fishyy Official Avatar

    Umm… When i Lighten the whole it justmakes the backround white.

  12. not so social panda Avatar

    ohhh my yu are a life saver other tutos bout double exposure are not very well explained and are complexed af unlike yours….

  13. paul broderick Avatar

    Well done. Very well explained at a good pace. Thank you.

  14. paul broderick Avatar

    Well done. Thank you very much

  15. Vardhan Jain Avatar

    I hv sm edited pics bt I knw hw to edit lyk thm!!

  16. Keith Andrews Avatar

    better than average tutorial nice easy pace & straightforward method , thanks for the upload

  17. Gavin Smith Avatar

    Great stuff! Many thanks!

  18. team zissou Avatar

    thankyou. very well explained. i look forward to watching your other videos. subscribed.

  19. sai nitish Avatar

    wt version r u using?

  20. GAMING WITH Ken Avatar

    your work is coool…!

  21. GAMING WITH Ken Avatar

    your work is coool…!

  22. TehRedWings Bro Avatar

    Oops 2:43 Macintosh 3:04 Oh My……

  23. Jude Aligee Avatar

    Very well explained & helpful.. Thank you Sir!

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