Easy Veggie Burger Recipe

Step By Step Recipe:

Previously I showed you my black bean veggie burger recipe and this time I’ll show you my easy veggie burger recipe. I actually prefer the taste of this recipe and it is much cheaper. It costs about 50 cents a burger!

I started experimenting with veggie burger recipes a while back because they were so expensive. Most recipes you find online also take forever, or fall apart. Not this one!

It comes in at just 136 cal. 3 g fat, 12 g protein and 4 g sugar.






34 responses to “Easy Veggie Burger Recipe”

  1. jeffmurnahan Avatar

    Does it actually taste like a hamburger though

  2. Morgan turriff Avatar

    do you have a substitute for peanut butter? something that is nut free? for allergic reasons

  3. Josh Richman Avatar

    Wonderful web site! cannot wait to try these very interestng recipes! keep them coming!

  4. The Vegan Hippie Avatar

    I love tvp. Just might have to try this. Great video.

  5. make believe Avatar

    wow great simple instructions. u earned a subscriber!

  6. UNDER GRACE Avatar

    Hi Derek hope I'm not bothering you with all these questions, I just wanted to make these delicious burgers for the forth tomorrow and my sons17 th birthday since he loved them last week. I was just wondering if they could be grilled or should the only be fried? And can I prepare them the day before(tonight) put uncooked mix in fridge? I hope these questions are not sounding too silly, I'm just a newbie at this meatless thing

  7. UNDER GRACE Avatar

    Hi Derek thank you for the recipe I made it last night my boys love these burgers I just had a question about the peanut butter. have natural peanut butter and I have processed type, would the natural one be good as a binder too?

  8. Diane Wheeler Avatar

    I just tried these with my grandchildren, we loved them.

  9. Mike Kandino Avatar

    I just made this burger by this recipe, using TVP for the first time ever and they tasted absolutely delightful, better than any vegan burger I've ever bought from a store. All my family members literally devoured them with joy, with desire for more.

  10. lesley7x Avatar

    Omg I gotta try these 🙂 My boyfriend should like these. I wish he would replace real burgers with these babies. Maybe one day … Dreamz… LMAO. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Adventure Ohio 2 Avatar

    Can I freeze a patty? Like uncooked!?!?!?!?!

  12. 56lib Avatar

    ayy vegan gains

  13. Carolyn Zuniga Avatar

    Hi! Love your video. I wanted to know if I can use regular yeast verses nutritional yeast? Thank You.

  14. 1melissawhatnow Avatar

    I don't find you the least bit pompous. your videos are good and easy to follow. My daughters and I are transitioning to vegetarianism and I love your recipes please keep them coming!

  15. optizap Avatar

    Hi Derek. if you like vegeburgers recommend buying a pizza maker.  Its like a sandwich maker for pizzas but you can cook garlic bread in it and even pies You just paste the burger in oil and put it in for 2 minutes, then turn.  The burgers come out well solid.  Much better than when you fry in a pan and their  breaking up- that can be irritating.

  16. aharon59 Avatar

    This came out great for me even though changef the flour with Tef to make it gluten free..Wonderful recipe.

  17. aharon59 Avatar

    This came out great for me even though changef the flour with Tef to make it gluten free..Wonderful recipe.

  18. Sasha Limarev Avatar

    Great recipe! The burgers are almost indistinguishable from the real thing (especially their look and texture). 

  19. Kimberly M Avatar

    Derek, any substitutions for the flour? I'm assuming the gluten is holding it all together. Many thanks!

  20. lee almasy Avatar

    Wow I just made one of these …man! they are good ! thank you sharing the recipe!

  21. Derek Banas Avatar

    It is going to be hard because so many ingredients just use a teaspoon. This makes 4 patties and they do freeze well.

  22. Marquita Dunn Avatar

    How do I reduce the recipe for one person?

  23. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you 🙂 I promise you that I'm about the most humble guy you'll ever meet. I tend to get overly excited though about just about everything. Sorry about that

  24. Uncle Bernie Avatar

    Good video, good audio, you have a good speaking voice, but you are a little pompous.
    But, very handy recipe.

  25. Derek Banas Avatar

    It is amazing how easy it is to eat healthy delicious food. I wish more people knew about tvp. I made meatballs one time out of tvp for a get together and everyone raved about them. Nobody would have guessed they weren't real meat 🙂

  26. SParkApCider Avatar

    TVP is regular kitchen staple for me. It's amazing how you can make your own burgers, sausages, meat balls, etc. I add a vegan egg (ground flax) to my recipes and it makes a great binding agent.

  27. Derek Banas Avatar

    It is pretty good! I love TVP. I make a fake meatloaf / meatball hoagie that I love. Of course it doesn't have that nasty sinewy texture of real meat, but I love it

  28. johnny5finger Avatar

    Those look very interesting I will definitely give them a try. Of course we veggie heads are always looking for the ultimate veggie burger.
    Thanks for the vid.

  29. FullMetalZ3 Avatar

    Please do, these are really enjoyable.

  30. Derek Banas Avatar

    That's funny 🙂 I should really do more recipes to mix things up

  31. FullMetalZ3 Avatar

    Came here for the code, stayed for the food.

  32. Derek Banas Avatar

    That's funny 🙂 I make videos on everything

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