ECMAScript 6 / ES6 New Features – Tutorial 3 – Template Literals

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12 responses to “ECMAScript 6 / ES6 New Features – Tutorial 3 – Template Literals”

  1. Madan Neelapu Avatar

    nice playlist Bucky. Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Adrian Dinca Avatar

    how on earth is `string ${name} string` cleaner than 'string' + name + 'string' ???
    this one is just silly.

  3. suraj bera Avatar

    Bucky YOU are the best……

  4. Mahmoud Zalt Avatar

    My favorite tutor is Bucky πŸ™‚

    About ~5 years ago I learned JAVA from your channel.

    Thanks you.

  5. Conor Pender Avatar

    So your favourite person is a fragrant 12 year old? :-p

  6. xXxBladeStormxXx Avatar

    So javascript is finally catching up with civilization.

  7. εŒ—ε’Œ Avatar

    Bucky, because he smells good.hahaaaaa

  8. premier69 Avatar

    I jus don't get why this would be better in any way

  9. kshayk0 Avatar

    hey Bucky. quick tip; you can hit CTRL + D to copy a line to a new line.

    other than that, thanks for the tutorials πŸ™‚

  10. Sam D Harris Avatar

    I've been using ES6 for a few months now. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS! ES6 is love, ES6 is life!

  11. Aleksander Birkeland Avatar

    Backtick is a really dumb token to use as backtick is a dead key on most non-us keyboards. This means that on my keyboard i have to type: Shift+"Key for backslash" then hit space

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