ECMAScript 6 Tutorial

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01:06 Let
03:15 Constant
04:19 Data Types
05:27 Template Literals
07:09 Tagged Template Literals
09:57 For Of
12:17 Functions
13:48 Rest Parameters
15:11 Arrow Functions
16:32 Reduce
17:19 Filter
18:00 Map
19:05 Objects
22:23 Destructoring
24:04 Classes
27:25 Inheritance
31:45 Symbols
34:28 Arrays
36:16 Sets
38:04 Maps
39:28 forEach
40:03 Promises

In this video I’ll cover the vast majority of ECMAScript 6 in one video. We’ll cover Let, Constants, Data Types, Strings, Template Literals, Tagged Template Literals, For Of, Functions, Rest Parameters, Arrow Functions, Reduce, Filter, Map, Objects, Destructoring, Classes, Inheritance, Symbols, Arrays, Sets, Maps, forEach, Promises and more.

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33 responses to “ECMAScript 6 Tutorial”

  1. Rashid Ahsan Avatar

    Thanks. Is there a tutorial of you stating all relations between es6 and typescript. A transition kind of tutorial.

  2. Amit Kukadia Avatar

    Not many Gold in comments

  3. Gianluca Recchia Avatar

    I love this type of videos! You focus on the really important things across all the different languages instead of the same old story about fundamentals. Keep them up please!
    Thank you Derek! 🙂

  4. Vatroslav Morbidović Avatar

    Not so bad, but dood, you shud give more detailed explanations. If I did not watch another video before this, some things would not be clear. :/

  5. Srikanth Vinjamuri Avatar

    ecmascript and javascript are same or different

  6. Jesse Ω Avatar

    Mercy you move fast but awesome video!

  7. Naveen N Avatar


  8. Agustín Dondo Avatar

    You sound like a flight captain talking through the speaker 🙂 Great video!

  9. compte tsu Avatar

    Thank you for this tuto, it is very nice !

    Ayoub, Morocco !

  10. Nick Di Vona Avatar

    This is honestly one of the best, most concise es6 vid out there. Well done!

  11. CrescentFresh Avatar

    Fantastic run-through! As always, much appreciated!

  12. Addy Progger Avatar

    what is the difference between array.from() and array.of() ?

  13. TheSyntheticPop Avatar

    Thanks! This is fantastic. Do you like banana pancakes?

  14. Anvi Patel Avatar

    Hi Derek, very nice videos and very helpful. Can you please make one for React and Redux JS?

  15. Tarcísio Bruno Oliveira Avatar

    Can I like twice? Great videos. Four years that I learn with your videos.

  16. Johnny_Five Avatar

    I love you. Seriously. You're the only guy on YouTube I don't have to watch at 1.5x speed, quite the contrary! I have to rewind many parts over again but only because there is so much goodness packed into one video. Dude you saved me probably a month of reading over the last few days. "Thank_you".repeat(100);

    Can you do some React.JS and React-Native videos? I just graduated with a degree in Comp Sci but I can't work due to a spinal cord injury. What I CAN do, is try and find remote work from home. It seems that JavaScript and React jobs are the easiest to find remotely, so I'm trying as hard as I can to learn as much JavaScript/EMCA/React in as short amount of time as possible. Thanks!

  17. introspection Avatar

    Thank you, but it's too fast for non-native speakers, i turned speed down

  18. Sohail Faruqui Avatar

    hey 2Derek, I think var scope is limited to function, but not global, correct me if I am wrong

  19. First LastCreativity Avatar

    Thank you for this video. Does this mean that ECMAScript 6 works with Chrome as is now ?

  20. Roman Brandt Avatar

    Pretty Cooool Dude ) Thanks

  21. Andres Rivera Avatar

    ECMAScript is the nearest version of Javascript.

  22. Acrid Avatar

    Will you do a tutorial on the raspberry pi? You teach ASM with it but I would love a "general" tutorial, eg. wiring it, configuring, making it do things, etc.

  23. Les Avatar

    Is Atom better than Sublime?

  24. Puneet Mahendra Avatar

    can you please make a video on IONIC framework…please

  25. Daniel Jordanov Avatar

    Love your vids derek !!!

  26. Get Famous Avatar

    Hello Derek. what is ECMA???

  27. GobblowGalaxyGamer Avatar

    What screen recorder software do you use?

  28. Berp Borp Avatar

    "<br />" is xml notation, and it's deprecated in HTML5. You should just use "<br>" without a closing tag instead.

  29. Junkie Cosmonaut Avatar

    "Derek Banas" The King of Coding! This is your new title lol!

  30. Disciplined Coding Avatar

    Hey Derek, what are your views (if any) regarding "cross platform" coding such as "Xamarin", I have joined their "mobile development" school, and was wondering what your thoughts are on using code for all 3 game dev "Java, C# & IOS by writing it just once?? Thank you for your time! 😉

  31. Bikram Kawan Avatar

    Hey Derek, Thanks for easy tutorials . Are you planning for functional programming in JS ? That would be great 🙂

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