Embed Youtube Into WordPress

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This tutorial shows you how to embed youtube videos into wordpress.






19 responses to “Embed Youtube Into WordPress”

  1. John English Avatar

    Hi Tyler, really helpful thanks 🙂

  2. Wandering Witch Tarot Avatar

    plx help What is the code if I want the video in the center of the page?

  3. Ichabod Todd Avatar

    Excellent on the embed code.  Thank you!

  4. Sebastian Duran-Lopez Avatar

    1:45 "and if we refresh this page we can see… that it didn't work at all" lol that made me laugh

  5. 317Vapers Avatar

    Nice videos, will this same procedure allow you to have many at a time on the same page? Also what about getting text for each video etc…

  6. Mr.Tutor U Avatar

    Is there any way that I could add my own videos as in uploading it without actually having other people in embed it to their website as in hosting my own video. Something like videopress but I would need it for a wordpress hostgator website where I have subscriptions….I need to host my own wordpress website and upload personal videos onto a hosted video player thatbisnt from youtube or vimeo…please help

  7. lewisautomatic Avatar

    Hi Tyler,

    How do I embed a YouTube video on my page where, when you click the link, the YouTube player pops up on my webpage. I don't want the player box to show on the page, just the link to click and then the player pops up. Thank you.

  8. Rob Fellows Avatar

    Another useful video from you Tyler. Thank you

  9. Tyler Moore Avatar

    that would be cool! thanks sir!

  10. Pat McCarthy Avatar

    You should get a knighthood for making these videos! They're so helpful it's unreal! Fair play to you Sir 🙂

  11. Tyler Moore Avatar

    thanks, Chris dude!

  12. cpg57 Avatar

    dude you rock

  13. thomas daniels Avatar

    I’m trying to link my bank account to my pay pal, how can i do that?

  14. luiscgh Avatar

    Hello tyler, thank you for the video, I have a question. Can I make the youtube video apear on a post instead of a page? I want it so I dont have to click on the post to actually see it. I just want to see it while I scroll down my blog.

  15. Edmund Chow Avatar

    Hi, how to customize my youtube video for Premium News?

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