Embedding Video & Audio in WordPress







5 responses to “Embedding Video & Audio in WordPress”

  1. sanction015 Avatar

    Thanks for explaining what videos are used for, I had no idea. Seems all these tutorials are for using Youtube. How do you embed video from your hard drive to wordpress?

  2. Sachin Kumar Avatar

    Really very informative video tutorial on Embedding Video & Audio in WordPress, i have one query regarding animation in videos:-

    • How do you do the animation in your videos?

    Though Your tutorials are great thanks.

  3. Javier Acevedo Avatar


    I dont know how to get in contact with you, so I end up comenting in one of your videos. Ive followed all of your videos and now got my of blog. My questions are:

    •What program to you use to record your videos ?
    •What microphone would you recomend me to do some vídeos tutorials ?
    •How do you do the animation in your videos?


  4. Dcience Avatar

    Your tutorials are great thanks

  5. Victor Motricala Avatar

    HI James you tutorial are everytime clear and usefull. I think it will be very good and usefull too to make for the next time a video tutorial to make membership site and another one for sell things like video or digital ebooks on the wordpress website. Thank you

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