Face Peel Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

With this photo effect tutorial in photoshop i will show you how to make your portrait look like its peeling from paper.

Base trick for effect is using lasso tool, and adding proper shadows and gradients. Nothing else.

we will start by removing background and adding new one. Then we will use lasso tool to remove certain parts of face, so it looks like its made of strips.

After that we will add extra strips to connect everything and than we will add shadows and gradient to give it more depth.

i have also shown other examples and a fun trick so you can experiment.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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32 responses to “Face Peel Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    so what version do you like the most ? eyes on same layer or eyes on different ? and follow me on instagram to share your work with me > https://www.instagram.com/tutorialjunction
    Have a good day 🙂

  2. Richard's Rhythm & Rhymes Avatar

    pls do some After Effects tutorials
    i always DL your Video tutorials so i can review it even if i dont have net sometimes

  3. chetan mishra Avatar

    thanks for mentioning every short cut you use

  4. Mahfuzur Rahman Sakib Avatar

    which screen recorder u r using 'tutorials junction'?

  5. Brittnay Cooke Avatar

    I have recently started following you and duplicating your work! you're amazing!!!!

  6. Oksana Zhilina Avatar

    To remove the selection you can just use the shortcut ctrl+d

  7. Bhv Avatar

    What is te opening of the Alt+Back shortcut?

  8. ali asghar Avatar

    best channel to learn photoshop effect

  9. KruGames Avatar

    Thanks for tutorials 😀

  10. Cathy Neary Avatar

    Sweet! Thank you!

  11. Pellucos Avatar

    you should make one with like a face smoking out like fading would be realy cool

  12. Beatriz Ferreira Avatar

    My alt+back isn't working, what should I do?

  13. Aanand Devrajani Avatar

    I need your Photoshop. . plzz tell me @

  14. narenDRA Avatar

    can you please create some videos on the layers and pen tool ???

  15. Robert Sutschek Avatar

    AWESOME Video !!!…..You're SO Creative !….Thanks…

  16. Boss Tips Avatar

    I send a photo on the Facebook page please create a photo on photoshop and upload a video on youtube… please please

  17. JD Patricio Avatar

    you are awesome. thanks

  18. Ys Edits Avatar

    got silver play button??

  19. Ys Edits Avatar

    got silver play button??

  20. Christopher Otten Avatar

    Very great tutorial, thanks so much!

  21. Photoshop Tutorials - By NJ Avatar

    This is pretty cool slice effect, Love the way you shaded the back stripes.

  22. Shreyas Parab Avatar

    Can You Please Explain What is Mask is for?

  23. أحمد مجدي Avatar

    مبدع وياريت الترجمة الي العربيه

  24. The GaMer 75 RP Avatar

    cool video
    and I'm the first

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