Fiery Portrait ⋆ Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

In this Photoshop manipulation tutorial. We will learn how to create a fiery portrait effect. We will be using fire images, gradients, other textures and more. All images in this tutorial are FREE. Links provided.

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You can also download all the images used in this Photoshop
tutorial on my website here:

For some of the images I used. You may need to sign up to download them. But it only takes a couple seconds. Also they have a huge selection of different images. The best, all the images are absolutely free. Enjoy.

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42 responses to “Fiery Portrait ⋆ Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial”

  1. Will Owen Avatar

    worked perfectly.. thank you!

  2. BGrandomPlays Avatar

    http://imgur .com/z3ItGwf
    not the best but i like it tho 🙂

  3. josue juarez Avatar

    how can you photoshop fire in a picture but make it like a gif . making the fire live .. someone help hahahah

  4. LeLana Croft Avatar

    SOOO good, thank you for sharing your hard work. Subscribed.

  5. Card Hacker Avatar

    where are the download links?

  6. Mai Le Avatar

    link model and fire spark was die. please share again thanks

  7. Ahmed Ismail Avatar

    application name photoshop?

  8. Nguyên Lê Vũ Avatar

    I love how he make it step by step it's so easy to learn and repeat =))

  9. Koniki Rense Avatar

    i like. amazing tutorials

  10. Ammar Jassim Avatar

    hello dude once u did refine why the background of the picture become orange ? did u miss to explain the mask ?

    because when i did refine my background doesn't change to orange like yours!!

    please advise

  11. Ian Gibbs Avatar

    Not sure where to find Refine Edge, it can't be seen anywhere on my screen.

  12. harsy81 Avatar

    cool thanks my final design looks amazing!! thanks again =D

  13. Jed Escabusa Avatar

    can you suggest other models?

  14. Veyar 'Eanqa Avatar

    is there direct selection in cs5?

  15. Angel Cakez Avatar

    for the life of me i cannot fathom the tutorial bit about the getting the green channel to highlight like yours does, it just saves as a duplicate channel (green copy), and nothing shows up except background in layers. ahhhhhhhhhhh

  16. usman Ali Avatar

    photoshop kon sa ha

    or downlod kdr sy ho ga

  17. H3voc Gaming Avatar

    do i have to have long hair and brown background?

  18. Ahmad Sofyan Avatar

    wow… so expert . but AMAZING

  19. Zubair Malik Avatar

    that was awesome i did it all and i got so
     excellent results

  20. Hassan Javed Avatar

    Subscribe me for more tricks

  21. Heather Herrmann Avatar

    Excellent video! Screw the losers that can't take time to read. Maybe they don't know how. Lol

  22. Boris Iljes Avatar

    nice… but song is awesome… pls name ? cant find it 😛 ty…

  23. Lenny Beto Avatar

    This is awesome, really awesome!! Did you use adobe PS?

  24. ThankGod Horsfall Avatar

    +Photoshop Tutorials great great video

  25. Will KELLY Avatar

    Bro that is really sick Good Job <3

  26. fRo0tLo0p Avatar

    No narration = automatic thumbs down.

  27. OGCEPUK Avatar

    unsubbed, because you added long, non-skippable ads.

  28. Jesús Jarquin Avatar

    as you get these images of models

  29. mamtina a7xr Avatar

    awesome……. so exiting!

  30. Etisham Rj Avatar

    BRo i send You My pic you can edit me

  31. Yash Tank- World's Best video Avatar

    Which is the version of Photoshop ????

  32. Mukul Sharma Avatar

    Cool …really nice .tutorial !!

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