Find A Great Domain Name

In this article and video I’ll show you the exact steps to follow to find a great domain name no matter what your site is about. I also show you how to use the Google Keyword tool, what words Google ignores and the most searched for words.

Links to the tools mentioned are available here:
Words Google Ignores are here:
Most Popular Search Words:






6 responses to “Find A Great Domain Name”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you. It's very important to pick the perfect name. You are one of the few that found this trick 🙂

  2. Derek Banas Avatar

    @baawmchikkawowwow You're welcome. This one will actually make you money if you do it right. I gave you a big tip on how to do that with the last few slides 🙂

  3. baawmchikkawowwow Avatar

    Great tutorial, much appreciated. 🙂

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    @vegatron77 I wouldn't go that far, but thanks 🙂

  5. vegatron77 Avatar

    you are a genius !!!

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