Fire Text effect | Photoshop Tutorial

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After a long, like very long time i have finally made another text effect tutorial in photoshop. i will see the response to this video and then decide if i wanna make more video or not.

i have tried to keep it pretty realistic and also simple at the same time. we will use real fire image for this tutorial instead of that cheap looking fake fire we create inside photoshop.

Most of the video is layers styles, masking and a single adjustment layer. At first it might seem that fire effect takes long time but after practice the effect can be done in pretty short time.

If you want more text effects like this, let me know in the comment section below and i ll make more 🙂


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19 responses to “Fire Text effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Tidhar gotessman Avatar

    love that that video helped me a lot

  2. Felipe Cacio Avatar

    What CTRL + J means ? I have a mac !!! You should explain !

  3. Jameyca Blue Avatar

    For the black background part… Just change the picture to setting from normal to screen

  4. Jack Birch Avatar

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me basically when I do all the liquefy stuff and click ok my layer doesn't change I did it twice making sure the layer was selected as well

  5. Birdview-Photography Avatar

    thank you for the great tutorial, but i have a problem to save my image as a png-picture. i made the "Layer 0" and "Layer 1" invisible, because i want a transparent background. but my saved png-picture shows different to my original photoshop picture. what did i wrong?

  6. mahaveer jain Avatar

    Always amazing tutorials

  7. Alex Wrfrme Avatar

    How is the intro music called??

  8. Spaceward Bird2 Avatar


  9. Youssef Amr Avatar

    so if this a fire text why you wrote a (ice)

  10. Semih Kolcu Avatar

    Thank You Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects

  11. AJ Cortez Avatar

    Hi! Can You make.. a tutorial on how to make a clash of clans text style Thanks.. 🙂

  12. mohit doshi Avatar

    make a tutorial for logo making

    as like if we edit someone's photo

    to put a logo of me
    that I m the clicker of that pic

  13. Gürkan Tenekeci Avatar

    More Text effect please You are good 🙂

  14. CG Cowboy Avatar

    Thank you for posting. You have mad skills! I really enjoy your techniques.

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