Firebase Tutorial for iOS – Ep 2 – Firebase App Setup

Firebase Tutorial for iOS Apps
Lesson 2: Firebase App Setup
In this lesson, you’re going to sign up for Firebase, set up your Firebase App project and download the configuration file for your database so that we can import it into our Xcode project in Lesson 3.

This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10) and Google (Firebase) to create a messaging app with database features.

This series is intended for intermediate programmers or people who have gone through my Beginner series which can be found here:

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9 responses to “Firebase Tutorial for iOS – Ep 2 – Firebase App Setup”

  1. shahzaib vohra Avatar

    Thanx chris for this wonderful series

  2. Christopher Westra Avatar

    Chris – thanks so much. I did well until adding the bundle ID. When I do, it says "You already have an app with that bundle ID. " Yes, I know that. I'm trying to add Firebase (and admob) to an existing app. Can you only add it to brand new apps? That doesn't make sense. How do I get firebase on an existing app when it won't let me put the Bundle ID there?

  3. Hayyan Media Avatar

    Thanks for the video.

    Do you need a mac to develop iOS apps with this software?

    How complicated can the apps get?

  4. Atal Upadhyay Avatar

    Thanks for your efforts… desperately waiting for the next.

  5. Kevan Wilkins Avatar

    This looks a lot like Parse. Is Firebase similar in features?

  6. CoffeeThePeople Avatar

    You are one sexy man, Chris. Keep it up motha chucka!

  7. PSNCopy Avatar

    thanks man whens the next one coming cant wait for it;)

  8. flgadams Avatar

    Nicely done sir !

  9. abdou ett Avatar

    Great Chris. Thanks

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