Firebug Explained

Firebug installed downloaded and explained tutorial.






36 responses to “Firebug Explained”

  1. Sonali Suratkar Avatar

    Thanks so much- this is useful! How to change the font style?

  2. JON Gergeceff Avatar

    Great and easy to understand Tyler. Thank you.

  3. Bahar Solgun Avatar

    how you can change the font to Calibri?

  4. abdishakurmt Avatar

    watching today(20-march-2014), THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LEARN A LOT.

  5. Brian Vollmer Avatar

    firefox doesn't have firebug add-on any more? can't find it

  6. Ilan Aflalo Avatar

    i learned mor from you in english than from hebrew
    you do a great job
    like your videos

  7. Mathijs Avatar

    This helps alot. Looking for a css code if your a beginner takes a lot of time and probably wont find it.

  8. JaguarSevenNova Avatar

    so do you have to use your own proxy server to make the changes permanent?

  9. Sarah Barrett Avatar

    Hi Tyler! I did everything up to the point where I got to my site, but there is absolutely nothing showing in html, css or scripts. Any idea why? Thanks!

  10. Christie McClary Avatar

    which tutorial shows how to make the edits done with firebug permanent/saved in wp? Thank you so much! Your tutorials are wonderful!!

  11. Daniel Mackler Avatar

    you do a great job. thanks.

  12. Tyler Moore Avatar

    your so welcome 🙂

  13. kura pika Avatar

    Thanks for this tutorial it will helps me a lot 🙂

  14. Daniela Fernandes-Smith Avatar

    Wow, that's exactly what I was looking for, and I didn't even know it! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  15. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks so much!! i really appreciate it!! 🙂

  16. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Thanks so much! i really appreciate it!!! best of luck!!!

  17. Zamira Endt Avatar

    Wish you a happy, healty and blissful 2013! Without your EXCELLENT explanation in your quiet, clear way I could not have designed my first ever website. In particular this video. It shows the magic of code and I didn't know about the existence of Firebug before this video. I will donate and again thank you!

  18. Tyler Moore Avatar

    just go to youtube . com/conutant and you can see all my videos

  19. Tyler Moore Avatar

    Yes they have their own version but I think firebug is a little easier to use than googles.

  20. Danielle Hirschi Avatar

    How do I view more of your videos? These videos are the best I've found with wordpress.

  21. Ranno Avatar

    I am not very good at this, but I'm using Google Chrome, and if i press mouse right button, it gives me option "inspect element" and it does the same things that you showed in your video.

  22. Tyler Moore Avatar

    first download firefox, then in google search from firebug then go to the website and download firebug for firefox. =)

  23. Worshipsongscollection Avatar

    i can't find the fire bug, when I typed in the "search", the result is always "could not find any matching add-ons". urrgh… please help..

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