FL Studio Tutorial – 10 – Connect and Record a MIDI Keyboard

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32 responses to “FL Studio Tutorial – 10 – Connect and Record a MIDI Keyboard”

  1. Jeshe  drse Avatar

    i like how you explained that so i subbed. i havent subbed in years, please keep making these tutorials, i might have questions in the future

    peace bro

  2. Jeňa's Music Official Avatar

    thanks bro!!! today my new Akai lpk25 arrived!!

  3. DJ Jaytoven Avatar

    @3:23 Yes, boddha. I got de message, and I now know de wehh!

  4. Kons Senpai Avatar

    thx man, just 420 dude

  5. Nullatrum Avatar

    This video is all over the place

  6. Benjamin Jordan Avatar

    Back when i was learning programming in college you saved my ass dozens of times, now years later you amaze me again with your elegant fl studio tutorials. THENEWBOSTON is a fucking BOSS!!!! Thank you brother. Really.

  7. Linda Kim Avatar

    You have a great instructing voice and tone. Appreciate the way you explain things, too. Not over-informing. And keeping it simple enough to get in and get out for me to keep playing around. 🙂

  8. East Coast Vaper Avatar

    Thanks so much! Got my Casio CTK-4400 hooked up in 15 seconds thanks to you!

  9. SoBroJoe72 Avatar

    Instead of the light turning orange, it turns green and has a question mark. Do you know what is going on?

  10. Paty Rios Avatar

    Hey, I followed all the steps, but there's a problem. When I'm recording, the master pitch goes up and down like crazy without me messing on it, and after 4 bars or less, the recording goes back to the first one and writes on the first one, overlapping the notes I'm playing with the ones I played before, AND the pitch still goes up and down like crazy… so the result is a giant mess. Would you try to help me please?

  11. Zack Tarle Avatar

    excuse me, I have wooping cough.

  12. Trackster Avatar

    2:35 or you just press ctrl and then drag…

  13. Evan Moore Avatar

    "excuse me, I have whopping cough" lol 5:18

  14. FlashySenap Avatar

    This doesn't seem to work. I can hear me play the notes but no bars appears. Is it a feature only if you buy it or does it work in demo version?

  15. Christian Kelleher Avatar

    Help- I cannot figure out how to make my keyboard play on the piano role! When I push the keys while on a piano roll it still plays the sounds of everything else

  16. FreedomCows Avatar


  17. AlphaOne1709 Avatar

    thanks for this little tutorial 😀

  18. Fox McCloud Avatar

    Thanks my nigga I really appreciate it.

  19. Michael Moore Avatar

    Favorite moment of video "sorry I have whooping cough"

  20. MixYourPassions Avatar

    I searched a month long how to record midi in fl studio, i have see many many BS videos that never give me the right information…

    but then i see this video……….. wow

  21. MythsQueue Avatar

    rock me baby tf

  22. PAX MAT Industries Incorporation Avatar

    thank you so much guy ! this tutorial is always of actuality and helped me so much to link my yamaha ypt-210 synth to my Fl Studio on pc !!! i lov u

  23. Derp Derp Avatar

    bless your kindred soul

  24. TheGrimriftstalker Avatar

    Awesome! This was a very easy to follow tutorial. Thank you so much for the upload and for your time!

  25. Fentli HD Avatar


  26. Adrian Krasniqi Avatar

    I need help I have a CTK-800 CASIO keyboard and I cant find the shit to download the shit.. you know what I am talking about. Anyway I looked everywhere and cant seem to find it in casio website, even in google I downloaded something that I dont even know it is but its not working.

  27. Måns Holmgren Avatar

    Hey, i need some help.. I have a mini version of one of these and i want to be able to make for example the F lighter, or darker. I want to be able to switch from F5 to F3, is that possible?

  28. Muab Leshciew Avatar

    thanks, VERY helpful! ROCK Me BABY

  29. Uzkakaajam ? Avatar

    Ayyy Bucky, i remember you from c++ programming tutorials 😀

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