Galaxy Portrait Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

This Photoshop tutorial teaches you how to create a galaxy portrait effect. We’ll be using the Filter Gallery, adjustment layers and free nebula images. There’s many ways to create this effect using the Threshold filter, but most images will not work. So I figured I’d change it up and create this effect using the filter gallery

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Man + Galaxy Images

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24 responses to “Galaxy Portrait Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Photoshop Tutorials Avatar

    Thanks for watching everyone! 🙂

  2. cheshire cat Avatar

    torn edge don't work for me. I try on different picture than you. And my man become totally white. Why ?

  3. Dumbo AnhDung Avatar

    Well, it beautyfull, model look verry handsome, this chanel can for me stock of his, i will verry thankyou.
    You make it fantansic, Model is beautyfull. What a pity for me have not a lot of beard. ahhihi

  4. mustapha El Avatar

    Can i do this work in A phone ( galaxy s5) !?


    please sir help me please add my channel in your Featured channels list it help me alot
    thank u

  6. Ishraf Hakimi Avatar

    Can you name me these 3 song? Cause it looks nice 🙂

  7. Bowen Draws Avatar

    I got a dog for model, do I really need to do the foreground part? If yes, how?

  8. Naduvani Burek Avatar

    For me when i use torn edge it makes the picture fully white

  9. Supah Flash Avatar

    Could you try Aviator glasses effects or glass reflection?

  10. Supah Flash Avatar

    Aye, I actually used that same photo on, but for a different reason. Mine was for making silhouettes. 😀

  11. Jen Modesto Avatar

    can't make it on cs3 🙁

  12. SyntheticGames 123 Avatar

    i cant seem to move the galaxy pictutes.Can u help?

  13. Wajahat Creation Avatar

    You're my favourite Photoshop teacher…. Thanks
    I wish that I become like you.
    Sir! Can I become like you?

  14. Saad Ahmad Avatar

    nice video but when i put on the torn edge effect the person gets fully black plz help me thanxx

  15. Sahabi Ansari Avatar

    whats that song bro? i really like it.. pls tell me

  16. ryan gummow Avatar

    I NEED HELP. When i go to Filter / Filter Gallery / Sketch / Torn Edges It Goes White Not Black ??

  17. صلاح تيوب/ salah tube Avatar

    Can you subscribe to my channel? Please, my brothers, I am a beginner

  18. 杨丛铭 Avatar

    Magic show, Iove this.

  19. kirsten Avatar

    hello, i'm just getting started at editing photos and i really find your tutorials helpful!! i have a fun time messing around with them. can you please do a "chromatic abberation" tutorial sometime?

  20. Zeca Avatar

    Nice Video!! Could you help me? How do you get this photos?

  21. The Oncoming Storm Avatar

    Nice video! Could you please make one tutorial with a Doctor Who image? P.d you are awsome!

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