Game Development w/ Construct 2 Tutorial – 7 – Events

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25 responses to “Game Development w/ Construct 2 Tutorial – 7 – Events”

  1. Joe Christo Avatar

    I actually recreated a text box in this
    I made there be a text font then I made a variable named Text string then I put when I press any key then it waits 0.1 seconds then sets the text to Text string
    Then I made it where when I press any key it adds Keyboard.Lastkeycodestring(Keyboard.Lastkeycode) to that variable
    Then after I make it so when you press backspace it sets the text to “” and because there is nothing in the quotation marks it sets the text to nothing so pressing backspace clears it

  2. John Diaz Avatar

    Where can I find the images you use? Thanks

  3. Al The Alligator Avatar

    For those who don't see Set angle toward position to the right of every tick something say's add action thats where you find set angle toward position you don't add a event you add a action.

  4. Fistacop Avatar

    Hi love the vids

  5. Cole Nye Avatar

    i dont have as many options as you!

  6. Pidget Jones Avatar

    For people that think they don't have "Set angle towards position" option , look closely at 4:24 . He's not clicking add event , he's clicking add action on the system event already added . Thanks for tutorials guy 🙂

  7. Aidan Kukosky Avatar

    My character faces the opposite way of my mouse please help.

  8. CT2507 Avatar

    u need to remind people to save their project while doing this tutorial since this is a beginner tutorial.
    otherwise good video.

  9. EchoMaximum Avatar

    So on the newest form of C2, "set angle towards position" is not an option…

  10. TheMineKingYT gaming Avatar

    How do i make the player automaticly move the same direction he is facing?

  11. Lelom2 Avatar

    I don't Have The Keyboard and the Mouse Settings ;-; Plz Someone Help me.

  12. Old Channel Avatar

    Everyone with the new version of construct 2 instead of mouse X
    and mouse Y do mouse.X and mouse.Y

  13. VedantArtMusicMobileHackTech crazyvedant#cv Avatar

    it is saying that mouse is not an object

  14. merennon Avatar

    I really love your tutorials && enjoy the overflow of information because I love all kind of information, useless or not 😛

  15. Naweed Shams Avatar

    Just subscribed! These tutorials are better to digest than Construct2 YouTube channel. Kudos to you.

  16. Oussama Oussama Avatar

    for people who have the mouse problem, double click to insert a new object and add the mouse and keyboard objetcs.

  17. Steam Key Giveaway Avatar

    Consider yourself with a new subscriber! Love your tutorials! Helpful! Like extremely! 🙂

  18. velko genchev Avatar

    Why i have only the system , when i add new event ?? 

  19. daniel mondey Avatar

    whenever i try to add a mouse it says this is not a system varible ?

  20. Kevin Dadmun Avatar

    there is no set angle in add event. i only have is within angle is between angle and is clockwise from. is this because i am using the free version.

  21. SpleLunker Avatar


  22. Ricardo Avatar

    events are the brain of this

  23. bingcheng45 Avatar

    Why does the system know that u want the gun to point at where the mouse is at, i mean like the picture is square, and he didnt state which side of the square to point at the mouse

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