Game Development w/ Construct 2 Tutorial – 8 – Shooting Bullets

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10 responses to “Game Development w/ Construct 2 Tutorial – 8 – Shooting Bullets”

  1. Syed Bilal Haider Avatar

    as soon i test game and click to generate bullet it give this message/error "add at least one instance of the object to the project, on an unused layout if necessary.",,,plz tell help me….plz!

  2. ThiccNg Avatar

    I need help,(probably won't get some because it is such an old video), the option where it says: spawn another object….. ISN'T THERE! I would like help as soon as possible thank you.

  3. Jonathan Lee Avatar

    dude 12:23AM wow, you have dedication

  4. Roy A Avatar

    I am trying to make a space-shooter game, and I want my ship to be able to shoot out bullets (of course!) so I tried your method. But whenever I shoot (the player can shoot with space), my bullet just flies to the right of my ship. Can you explain to me what is happening and how I could fix this?

  5. Abhinab Mondal Avatar

    My player doesn't move with keyboard input

  6. TRG - The Relaxed Gamer Avatar

    I'm going to make the best possible game I can man. Looking into grabbing me a wacom tablet so I can draw with precision my art for my game. But I'm going to give ALL credit to you my man. Look for your name in the credits of my game. I'll PM you once It's completed and give you early access. Thank you so much. This is VERY informative, clear, precise, right to the point. Each one of these tutorials are not so long it looses your attention, it's just the right amount of time. Thank you.

  7. Maximus Avatar

    I have a big problem i cant find (spawn) in the actions after i choose my player?

  8. Aldyfa Naufal Avatar

    can you give some tutorial at platform-neutral retro style game ? i really need it 

  9. Zen Phillips Avatar

    I have a question,when i try to shoot it says(cannot creat type bullet) and stuff

  10. A Giraffe Avatar

    I have a question: Is there a way to regulate the bullet speed so the player can't just spam click and rapidly fire?

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