Game Maker 3D FPS Tutorial Part 1

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Game maker 3D FPS Tutorial

In this video we take a look at creating a 3D FPS game in Game Maker. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, favorite and maybe even a share.

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41 responses to “Game Maker 3D FPS Tutorial Part 1”

  1. KyooburAndNaul8000 Avatar

    It would not load! It just gave me this:
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Create Event
    for object obj_player:Error in code at line 1:
    at position 1: This function is not available in the Lite Edition._________________________________________
    ERROR in
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_player:Error in code at line 2:
    at position 2: Unknown variable znext

  2. NyanDonutGaming12 hopman Avatar

    can you make this in game. maker lite?

  3. Nihal kumar Avatar

    plz Help me !! how can i add virtual keys in 3D game

  4. UnderYT_ Avatar

    I recommend adding the escape key binded to end the game on the Player OBJ.

  5. darvokant Avatar

    cool tutorial 😀

  6. First Choice Gaming Avatar

    display_mouse_get(display_get_width()/2,display_get_height()/2) theres a error in here?
    please help

  7. Ahmed Rashid Avatar

    can you make a game for any platform?

  8. SirAdrianoo Avatar

    My Error: In object obj_player, event Draw, action 1 at line 4: Symbol , or ) expected.

    My Draw Code: direction-=(display_mouse_get_x()-(display_get_width()/2))/5

    —— ´? Can you help me? ;(


  9. Paul Seed Avatar

    hey how do you make a flashlight for a 3D game in gamemaker plz help if you can ( is for a school project)

  10. Cody Graff Avatar

    Dude why did you do stuff offscreen? its no help.

  11. DLM Gaming Avatar

    what is the player depth

  12. ludde1337 Avatar

    game maker is a piece of shit to get to even work

  13. Erik HanZel Avatar

    pls respond display_mouse_set isn't working

  14. Willom Avatar

    display_mouse_set isnt working

  15. themovesinc Avatar

    can you do this is studio?

  16. Coolguy32 Avatar

    at gml_Object_obi_player_DrawEvent_1 (line 2) – znext-= (display_mouse_get_y()-(display_get_height()/2))/2 how do I this?

  17. EnderIsaacCore Avatar

    do u have to finish to test it ot cuz after this ep it had alot of unknown variables

  18. Mr.Sheepington Avatar

    does anyone know how to fix the problem (on the second script):ERROR at line 3 pos 2: symbol ) expected

  19. lolslayer Avatar


  20. DeltaEliteGaming Avatar

    Mine says ERROR at line 1 pos 57:  Unexpected symbol in expression on the draw event. Fix?

  21. David Richey Avatar

    How to get this to work with mobile (Android and iOS). It works on Windows, but when I test it out on my Android phone, the screen rotates all over. Something to do with the mouse but I don't know how to fix it like how it works with Windows.

  22. DarkScorch2Films Avatar

    it is giving me an error code on the xnext and ynext lines I have the latest verstion v 1.4 and idk what to do

  23. DrOvi Jolt Avatar

    Is it just me or is there no audio?

  24. Batman 1562 Avatar

    Mine says ) expected at pos 57 in draw event

  25. Doctor Sneaky Avatar

    can you make a tutorial on how to make a sympol 3D enemy, i REALLY need to know

  26. Erickson Klod Avatar

    What language is game maker .because unity is c# and gamemakermis ???

  27. TheGameH4cker Avatar

    you're to fucking fast jesus christ def not subbin

  28. TheGameH4cker Avatar

    Start from the fucjking beginning omg

  29. Sandwich Man Avatar

    In Object obj_Player, in Event Draw event number 0 at line 4 : cannot use function/script name for a variable, using "display_get_height"

  30. Callum Barron Avatar

    thanks making a game at school

  31. Andrew Avatar

    This doesn't work with game maker studio

  32. League of My Replays Avatar

    do u need game maker pro or what

  33. bigmoney66b Avatar

    Your tutorial suck major shit ! you poorly explain why things are done that way.
    You didn't explain what the /5 was used for in your direction code
    YYG documentation is garbage as well.

  34. bigmoney66b Avatar

    LOL x = x? WTF you don't need X = X !That is redundant code! If you want your player to remain in its current position you put nothing !  Your player's position will be the one you placed it in the room editor

  35. VASTSHADE45 Avatar

    can some one put all of the code at 6:00  her please in the comments its not working for me

  36. Doctor Sneaky Avatar

    do you need pro version?

  37. Lexgos Avatar

    How can i make my 3d "objects" transparent, like a glass pane?

  38. Lukas Avatar

    its not working D: with me

  39. Paul_REC-Gaming Avatar

    Want more dude ur Incredible!

  40. Fatul Avatar

    Loved how you asked a few questions on some of the slightly obvious code bits, good job.

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