Game Maker Coding Basics #1

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In this video we learn how to use some very basic coding techniques. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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24 responses to “Game Maker Coding Basics #1”

  1. tyler cook Avatar

    I know visual basic (which doesn't use semicolons)and C++ both of which are easy languages to get into

  2. Sweet Tooth Avatar

    I have a problem with my game, im trying to program the Step of my player, but i cant open the game now because this ERROR:
    Error at line 15 pos 5: Symbol ) expected
    I dont know what the fuck is wrong..
    var KeyLeft, KeyRight;

    keyLeft = keyboard_check (vk_left);
    keyRight = keyboard_check (vk_right);

    //Velocodad Horitzontal
    if (keyleft) intVX = -1;
    else if (keyright) intVX = 1;

    //Colisión horizontal
    repeat (abs (intVX))
    if (!place_meeting(x + intVX, y, objBlock)
    x += intVX;
    intVX = 0;
    If someone knows whats wrong, please tell me.

  3. The Drawing Dutch Man Avatar

    i´m 13 ( idk why but every one says there age so who am i to not do it) and i can do html css java but i want to learn gm but i can't find a good tutorial like java script or html & css so if you find a good tutorial plz plz send the link to me

  4. Fairex Avatar

    hmm seems very similar to javascript, nice.

  5. Rickky Gaming Avatar

    is there away to input like the cin command example.
    int num;
    cout << "Enter a number: "<< endl;
    cin >> num;
    cout << "You entered: "<< num << " ."<<endl;

  6. APEX KILLA Avatar

    windows has detected that your computer's performance is slow….., lol

  7. Landon Walls Avatar

    So what do I do when I already have an idea for a game but the idea of coding literally makes me sick in my stomach before I even open GM and I don't want to ask someone to help me with said game?

    I have vomited several times trying to learn coding. I have no idea why but it's really depressing to have happen when you have ideas you want to execute.

  8. Fireking#1 Avatar

    Thanks for tutorial. I'm making a fangame for undertale & a fangame for jacksepticeye.

  9. dp1582 Avatar

    heh || I call it the pipe. or line

  10. beo sen Avatar

    Assembly doesnt need semi-colon too

  11. PythonG Avatar

    windows 7 sounds like it's insulting you
    "Windows has detected thst your computer is slow"

  12. chuckles de clown Avatar

    this lingo seems too simple and the reason i say this is i know c# pretty well and i'm starting to learn java but there's a problem why cant it be cross comparable with net beans(java ide) if this language is easy to translate?

  13. Graham Smith Avatar


  14. joshua gollaher Avatar

    He goes so slow it hurts

  15. Prat Avatar

    umm can i ask smth. the show_message command does not do anything for me. FML

  16. Brend Caluwe Avatar

    yeah! you got more than the 40 likes

  17. Hotel Tower Avatar

    I have a question make a game like the legend of Zelda gb like game I can still make it on here right

  18. Broinson Jeyarajah Avatar

    Likes were 999 but i changed it to 1000

  19. Ahyan Ahmed Avatar

    What version of GameMaker is this?

  20. Wyatt Animation Studio Avatar

    Can someone tell me what one Earth is coding? Is it required to make a game? Can I code in Notepad? I'm going to be using Blender and Unity (I know, so original) to make a game, so will coding be required?

  21. Jaibo Avatar

    Great stuff m8 10/10

  22. ein mensch Avatar

    Languages where no semicolons as end-of-statement are needed:

  23. Kadin Ali Avatar

    Asks for 40, gets 939

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