Game Maker Course – Full Helicopter Game Tutorial

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Game Maker Course
Game Maker Tutorial

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20 responses to “Game Maker Course – Full Helicopter Game Tutorial”

  1. Corey Faulkner Avatar

    Another excellent tutorial, even if I'm a bit late to viewing this one… as always, thank you!

  2. Caritious Avatar

    Help! it says unexpected code at the =

  3. Robby Avatar

    I really struggle with coding, particularly Javascript and the whole logical problem solving using this 'language' aspect. This was a helpful tutorial even though all I did was 95% do exactly what you did because I feel like I consumed some of the basics and knowledge you let out. I'm gunna keep doing a few of these tutorials and see if I can improve. Thanks.

  4. Droneflyer Avatar

    its very difficult to set things in order for this game as everything is based on random though i just need a explanation on how to set a certain distance into the game where you are able to reach the next or harder level,
     please answer as soon as possible as this is for a project due very soon

  5. Droneflyer Avatar

    Thanks man u helped me heaps

  6. Mrdefuser4000 Avatar

    How do you make highscores with that score?

  7. Akanksha Yadav Avatar

    I really liked your video. Can you please help … how to add coins or obstacles in the way of the helicopter. 

    Kindly help. Thanks

  8. Pete the Paper Boat Avatar

    It would be nice if he actuarlly explains the codes a bit more.

  9. Sparta Avatar

    you are typing too fast!

  10. alex epic Avatar

    if anybodys having trouble with the generate script on line 1 with "var gap" just put "gap" instead of "var gap" it worked for me 🙂

  11. Igor Oliveric Avatar

    can u make tutorial how to see high score and score at same time on screen?

  12. ca5ualm3dia Avatar

    1 thing i cant figure out is how to add a motion blury effect to create a tail on a simple orb shape

  13. Mrdefuser4000 Avatar

    How do you set the score to be a highscore

  14. Albert Salceda Avatar

    I think you can do the same with tiles instead of objects, is much faster. The script automation system seems good. Thanks for the work!

  15. Allen Warner Avatar

    I wasn't sure this video was going to be useful because of it's simplicity but the fact that it introduced me to the free participle designer program, I just downloaded, and how to easily put it into the code, made it worth it my time. 

  16. Sanic The Edgeworth Avatar

    i'd like to see a "Game Maker Course" about a game like "hotline miami"

  17. iaM Faytal Avatar

    am i doing something wrong with this code because it say's i am:

    Var prev_gap = argument0;
    Var gap = floor(random(5));

    for(xx = room_width; xx < (room_width*2); xx += 32)

         instance_create(xx, 0, object7);
         instance_create(xx, room_height -32, object7);

    return gap;

  18. DJ Banders Avatar

    which game maker is this

  19. geniuscrash66 Avatar

    That particle generator is great saves loads of time scripting, thanks really helpful!

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