Game Maker Fighting Game/Engine Tutorial Part 2

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Game maker Fighting Game/Engine Tutorial Part 2

This is the second installment in creating a Game Maker fighting game series. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, favorite and maybe even a share.

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25 responses to “Game Maker Fighting Game/Engine Tutorial Part 2”

  1. The CubiKle Avatar

    if your still having problems after checking the box make sure all sprite images are the same height

  2. Qhuara Avatar

    my character keeps sinking into the ground ;3;

  3. Mido Thijsen Avatar

    can i get your sprites?

  4. Gismo Gyssy Avatar

    why is there a white screen that follows my character?

  5. fan2mario64 Avatar

    For everyone who has the problem of not being able to move left or right while in the ground check if the "if a position is collision free" box is set to relative

  6. BlackTgaming Avatar

    it says i cant view the new fighting game series

  7. FusionFall Retro Avatar

    When I jump. I can't move when I land.

  8. Jubs Avatar

    I followed everything! when i press my left arrow key, it doesnt move, just runs. when i press right, it works. but when i press right plus left key, it moon walks to the left! how to solve this please!

  9. Wally Szer Avatar

    Are you still helping people?

  10. Wally Szer Avatar

    my guy can only move in the air but once he hits the floor he cant move

  11. RetroX Avatar

    Err can you help? My player starts to slowly fall through the platform when he makes contact with it.

  12. Captain America Avatar

    Instead of L and R sprites, I use image_xscale = -1 or image_xscale = 1.

  13. clarke510 Avatar

    I am having an issue with mine, I have all the same rules set but when I press left or right my spite animation changes but it doesn't move anywhere.
    How do I fix this?

  14. ca5ualm3dia Avatar

    ooooo most fighting games have an animation for the jump up and the fall down like is they have a cape or long hair my sprite just loops the animation when i press the up key womp lol

  15. ca5ualm3dia Avatar

    i like it all in code drag an drop is just cheating and im a pure noob i need to see more of those codes over and over until i cant takes no mores

  16. Ivan Yap Avatar

    my character can move in the air but when he lands he cant move!

  17. Christine Wiley Avatar

    how come when i walk in go's into the ground
    please help me if you can

  18. guldx1 Avatar

    Can I have you'r sprites cause I don't have any and I am really bad at pivot?

  19. Tremor244 Avatar

    When my character is in the air and i press UP it will jump again in the air, how to make it so it can only jump when its on the ground?

  20. Juan Gaytán Avatar

    When I spawn in my character is doing it's stance animation like it's supposed to, but then when I press left or right, the walking animation begins but he stays in the same place. Please help!

  21. YarrPlays Avatar

    When my character spawns he just glides in his current sprite state! Can anyone help?

  22. andy pierce Avatar

    my character takes off like a dang rocket ship

  23. 8adstar8 Avatar

    my character wont move and the running/walking animation dosen't walk.

  24. Aris Gouvras Avatar

    hey my character goes right but when i press left he dont move

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