Game Maker Minecraft #10 – Spawning Ores

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Game Maker Ores

In this video we learn how to spawn ores into our game that we can collect. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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24 responses to “Game Maker Minecraft #10 – Spawning Ores”

  1. Penguin Avatar

    can you do crafting?

  2. TheJJGamer Avatar

    I'm not sure if I did something wrong but my grass/dirt layer and getting dupped over eachother. I didn't do the Infinite Terrain video because I didn't want Infinite Terrain but if I have to just tell me.

    var sh = (room_height / 2) – floor(random(room_height / 3));

    sh = (sh / 32 * 32);

    var ah = sh;

    var DL;
    var SL;
    var L;

    for (xx = 0; xx < room_width; xx += 32;)
    instance_create(xx, ah, obj_Grass);

    DL = ((room_height – ah) / 32) * 32;
    SL = ((room_height) / 32) * 32;

    //DIRT LAYER//
    for(yy = ah; yy < DL; yy += 32)
    instance_create(xx, yy + 32, obj_Dirt);
    l = yy;

    for(yy = l; yy < SL; yy += 32)
    if(yy >= ah) {
    var S = floor(random(80));
    if (S < 8) instance_create(xx, yy + 32, obj_Coal_Stone);
    else if (S < 5) instance_create(xx, yy + 32, obj_Iron_Ore);
    else if (S < 1) instance_create(xx, yy + 32, obj_Gold_Ore);
    else if (S < 6) instance_create(xx, yy + 32, obj_Diamond_Ore);
    else instance_create(xx, yy + 32, obj_Stone);

    ah += choose(32, -32, 0);

  3. agge blue Avatar

    Please help my breaking animation doesn't work =/ it just ruins the game becaus i can break instantly =/

  4. louis legein Avatar

    I have an error. When I load the game I can break blocks and jump and move to the right but when i press 'q' to go to the left it gives this error:
    action number 1
    of Draw Event
    for object obj_ghost_block:

    Push :: Exeution Error – Variable Get 101169.isBreaking(100013, -2147483648)
    at gml_Object_obj_ghost_block_DrawEvent_1 (line 14) -if(isBreaking)
    I would really have some help here! 🙂

  5. Scotty Venable Avatar

    it says that else is an unexpected symbol in my generate script:

    //stone level
        for(yy = l; yy < stone_level; yy += 32)
            if(yy >= ah)
            var s = floor(random(80));
            if(s < 1) instance_create(xx,yy+32,object_diamond);
            else if(s < 5) instance_create(xx,yy+32,object_iron);
            else if(s < 10) instance_create(xx,yy+32,object_coal);
            else instance_create(xx, yy + 32, object_stone);
            } else //this else is "unexpected symbol"

  6. zeroyalbros multimediagroup Avatar

    You need more variables such as max spawn group, max height, min height, and rarity.

  7. CrazyWolf132 Avatar

    hey, i have a major problem. ( i might need your source code file) i can not spawn much stone in my world and it only shows coal. i need your help badly. if i get your save i will change all the blocks and all the characters and stuff. please help.

  8. Mr. Universe Gaming Avatar

    Does he ever do infinite over extended downward terrain? +RealTutsGML 

  9. GravookyGames Avatar

    What do you change in the code to make a ore spawn more often than others?

  10. BigBang1112tm Avatar

    Happy new year, all!

  11. YusakuGod Avatar

    there is an error in your logic, in stone iron and coal are spawing at same rate because 1-5 is the same as 5-10 you would have to do if < 15 for coal to have it spawn more(by the amount i assume u meant of twice as much)

  12. Supertiger Avatar

    Play/world save/pick up wood and x.e

  13. Alan Torres Avatar

    Mobs or inventory next plz!!

  14. Eli Conley Avatar

    Can I have a copy of the coding from the past videos? I messed up somewhere and I can't figure it out. I can give you a copy of my game to see if you can figure out what is wrong.

  15. steeldood Avatar

    Do mobs or inventory next plz 🙂

  16. Mete cognition Avatar

    Can you do mobs or biomes next?

  17. Trevor S. Avatar

    You should do block drops and hotbar.
    Then do inventory.

  18. sam hallett Avatar

    Can you do tools and inventory?

  19. I am Ladybug, Eater of Souls! Avatar

    Maby a inventory tutorial wher you can move stuff arount. Like in the game (Sir You Are Beying Haunted)

  20. Taylor Has Avatar

    You know what, Screw the gold. And I'm also removing the coal from the stone layer since only 2 is possible to generate at each layer.

  21. Taylor Has Avatar

    I'm also gonna make gold ores and copper ores.

  22. gasquakee Avatar

    Lol relook your audio man 😛 might want to fix it

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