Game Maker Program Progress

Brand new 2017 Game Maker Studio: 2 Course available right now

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16 responses to “Game Maker Program Progress”

  1. gasquakee Avatar

    As if gamemaker wasnt enough haha

  2. Dani Hayek Avatar

    What is the name of the app RealTutsGML

  3. Anish Shenwai Avatar

    loving your tuts

  4. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @sreeshman1 I can make a tutorial on a zombie jumping over obstacles but I won't do the digging part. It is way to much and to complicated to teach and I set the code for the zombie digging to my game engine only so I would have to re teach my whole engine which is just to much. I can do the zombies jumping over obstacles and that's it for now sorry 🙁 maybe for the holidays I'll make a tutorial on my engine but not now. sorry

  5. SlumdogBabu Avatar

    @RealTutsGML could u make a tut on zombies in 2d minecraft that search and follow the player, can jump and can digand can move. i use a global.nigh variable so it could help if u made the zombies only come out when the night var is 1.

  6. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @sreeshman1 welcome

  7. SlumdogBabu Avatar

    @RealTutsGML thx this helped a lot in my day/night system

  8. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @sreeshman1 view_xview is the top left corner ok so view_yview is also the top left corner now for the next to points are the bottom right corner with the x and y view. now to increase the size push up the last to x and y view coordinates like so –> draw_rectangle(view_xview+16,view_yview+16,view_xview+320,view_yview+320,false) so this will make the rectangle start at 16 by 16 point in room and end at 320. hope this helped

  9. SlumdogBabu Avatar

    @RealTutsGML also how do u increase the size of the rectangle in this code:

  10. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @sreeshman1 you can test a global variable with code or drag and drop just goto test variable in the control tab and test if global.variable is so and so. It is just like a normal variable but can just be thrown to different objects

  11. SlumdogBabu Avatar

    this is great! btw can u test a global var using drag and drop or does it have to be with code. if it can only be done with code, could u give the code and also is it possible to to use the code to test the global variable and then use drag and drop to make the function that occurs when the test is successful?

  12. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @carlosrubenromero thanks man

  13. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @KogC4600DK thanks

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