Game Maker RPG Tutorial Part 6 Quests

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Game Maker RPG Tutorial

In this video we work on creating quests that our player can venture on. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, favorite and maybe even a share.

Inventory Tutorial!

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24 responses to “Game Maker RPG Tutorial Part 6 Quests”

  1. Ravi Theja Sripadam Avatar

    theere is one problem, with this tutorial i.e. after giving the scroll to NPC, the slot doesnt work.

  2. Toran de Bruijn Avatar

    How popular is this opening screen? I must have seen it a thousand times

  3. Fabian Ryan Smith Avatar

    What kinds of games do you usually make when not doing tutorials?

  4. Eric Freeman Avatar

    have to make an instance_destroy

  5. Paul Blue Avatar

    You could try to set another variable like global.questfinished..
    if global.questfinished=true{show_message("Hello mate")}

  6. Paul Blue Avatar

    make the block solid(and the player) and u can set a "bounce against solid" drag&drop in the main1.

  7. Paul Blue Avatar

    Can u help, if instead I wanted to make the quest a create_instance..meaning when i talk to the guy it will create the quests at a (x,y)postion?? bcz im having trouble when i click on the created instance it doesnt delete itself.

  8. VG Clan Avatar

    How do you make it so if you complete the quest, then if you click him, he only says "hello mate"!

  9. iZotair Avatar

    um btw guys to fix that thing where the trees and all that goes over the health, xp….etc just set the obj_controller's depth to -1 and that should do it(it work for me anyways)

  10. iZotair Avatar

    umm…this might sound stupid but how do i make it so that my character doesn't go through the quest1 thing

  11. Rooks00782 Avatar

    oh it's named quest1 that's weird. i get it

  12. Rooks00782 Avatar

    There is no explaination of the barrier. What is it and how does instance_destroy() know what to destroy?

  13. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @tisfatman ??? this is not a online server tutorial

  14. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @emilianocarra I am aware like I said in the video

  15. emi carra Avatar

    change the depth to the life or mana bar because it looks under the trees

  16. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @MrMegaGigaTera thank you I will keep doing tutorials and yes maybe some multiplayer in the future 😀

  17. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @carlosrubenromero thanks I really appreciate it

  18. MrMegaGigaTera Avatar

    Keep creating tutorials , multiplayer games tutorials will be cool.

  19. RealTutsGML Avatar

    @GameTutorialsMaker1 I know and thank you

  20. GameTutorialsMaker1 Avatar

    You need to fix the delay on your mic 🙂

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