Game Maker Studio: 2 | Auto Tile Feature Tutorial

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18 responses to “Game Maker Studio: 2 | Auto Tile Feature Tutorial”

  1. Guy Geva Avatar

    You had a mistake once- you used the grey as the inner part at the first sprite, but after that you used the black as the inner part, which cause some wierd problems in the end

  2. Eggcellent ! Avatar

    This might have nothing to do with the video, but i need you to help me. I want to make an enemy chasing me and shooting me at the same time, i use this code to make the enemy avoid other enemy, but i cant make the enemy avoid wall aswell, can somebody help me find a code to make it avoid 2 object at the same time?


    Thank you

  3. SameGame Avatar

    man i need gmamaker studio but i can't afford the money.

  4. Saviliana Avatar

    I have a question, what about make autotile walls?(This tutorial only teachs how to create ground, what about walls?)

  5. Crowbar Avatar

    can i apply the tiles to the wall objects?

  6. Genar2 Matthäus Avatar

    Does this also work when you use a selfmade dungeon generator ? Is there a method/class to call this auto tiling ?

  7. Moms Spagheddi Avatar

    Will you make free tutorials on how to make a GMS2 game from start to finish?

  8. Mateus Ferreira Moreira Avatar

    So auto tile only works for top down games? I'm trying to make a platformer.

  9. GregX999 Avatar

    Looks like you assigned the first tile incorrectly. That one should be a tile with that's 100% the light brown pebbles. The way you have all the other tiles set, the gray stone blocks are the wall (non-walkable) area.

  10. Jod Vcx Avatar

    Can you do a tutorial on making a launcher/auto-updater for you game?? Can't find one and u always explain really good!! xD

  11. MasterKrain Avatar

    0:51 "so game maker studio is a little bit different from game maker studio"

  12. Anthony Northrup Avatar

    Possibly the best feature added in GMS2, that and colliding with tiles. Love it

  13. Larry Lawrence Avatar

    thank you for gamemaker studio video

  14. Genetix Avatar

    I love your videos man, keep up the good work. I'll need them as I slowly move towards GMS2 from GMS.

  15. Colby Halterman Avatar

    Will u still do game maker studio vids

  16. Leone Kaiser Avatar

    Thanks so much for this tutorial. Really helpful!

  17. RealTutsGML Avatar

    How are you liking Game Maker Studio: 2?

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