Game Maker Studio: Coding for Beginners #1

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In this video we take a look at the basics of coding in Game Maker Studio and also if statements, for loops, and while loops. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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Game Maker Studio: Programming
Game Maker Studio: Tutorial
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37 responses to “Game Maker Studio: Coding for Beginners #1”

  1. EpicGaming21YT Avatar

    Boy really on MacBook this basicly impossible

  2. J Bos Avatar

    this is very similar to c++

  3. Ty Ricard Avatar

    HOW DO YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reiner Moraes Avatar

    so far so good…. tks!

  5. Сергей Клабисотов Avatar

    It was necessary to immediately look for English tutorials on "Game Maker Studio", because this video contains more information than a set of Russian tutorials. Seriosly.

  6. T 3 Avatar

    How do you save the code?

  7. Zing Wong Avatar

    i didn't see part 3 episode of it …or it's the end here only.

  8. hyun.s 박 Avatar

    hey!!! GML!! i want your mail…

  9. Mad Gentleman Avatar

    This has been VERY helpful, ty man, I am making a maze game for my intro to computational thinking and programming class and this has been a great reference guide for me.

  10. brendan murdoch Avatar

    Thanks dude. Basic for the beginner, just what I wanted to see.

  11. richie4956 Avatar

    do all game maker actions have to be tied to framerate/steps?

  12. Talent Lost - GameMaker Tutorials Avatar

    I love the way you explain things. How is your game coming along?

  13. Kota Tejaswi Avatar

    Please do more of these

  14. Kirill Velikiy Avatar

    Гайз, кто из русскоязычных смотрит тут туторы – можете зайти на мой канал, я пилю уроки на русском языке, рассказываю все подробно и просто.

  15. Matthew Semroska Avatar

    Great vid.  I see that someone asked months ago but never got an answer, what language?

  16. birdsqautch man Avatar

    how do you play the code?

  17. EpicEditionGames Avatar

    where did you learn java-game maker and other game stuff.

  18. SI B Avatar

    Hey man, good tutorial. I used to be in to MMF/MMF2 back in the day and felt like rekindling the hobby with Game Maker. This definitely seems like a nice comprehensive way of transferring the knowledge into code for me 🙂 Thanks, and keep it up!

  19. Jr Mynr Avatar

    the basics of the of of basics I love you RTG XD

  20. Bryan Thomas Avatar

    well, im your 54th like. And im such a noob regarding coding. so Big ups and thankx dude.
    Now im wondering where is part 2? Or shld i say when will it be uploaded?

  21. Jorge Eliezer Contreras Velasquez Avatar

    please dont forget tiles mapa, collision, move player, enemies, lights effects well i hope you take all things inside videogame. thank

  22. Larry Lawrence Avatar

    thank you for tutorial

  23. Marios Pafitis Avatar

    You are awesome but can you make a video How to export an ios game…test it in ios device and prepare it for publishing on the app store?? Please!!

  24. Eduardo Brandalise Avatar

    A nice quick start. Hope to see the next video soon.

  25. BigBang1112tm Avatar

    somehow i like that keyboard sound xd

  26. kaicooper87 Avatar

    Thiss the best decision u made


  27. Gambit Animating Avatar

    Yay! Good thing i just started game maker a couple days ago

  28. 123taylorj Avatar

    These are quite useful for computer science revision- keep it up!

  29. Esgd Avatar

    Please continue with these tutorials. They're super educational.

  30. Hasapin Avatar

    I think that you wanted to eat apple 🙂

  31. Elias Tavakoli Avatar

    HI bro !!!!
    which programm language? +RealTutsGML

  32. Greg Simpson Avatar

    Very nice, thanks for making this!

  33. Hasapin Avatar

    HYPE!!!!! luv ya tuts

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