Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5

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Checking the pros about Game Maker Studio and Unity 5. I personally like Game Maker Studio better but feel free to comment which software you use for game development!

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42 responses to “Game Maker Studio vs Unity 5”

  1. فلاوين-Flywheel Avatar

    what is the name of this game 4:48

  2. Chupachu Avatar

    Also Verdun and Rust are made with Unity, and the price for GameMaker has really gone up recently and it's a lot more expensive for console pro versions.

  3. Michał Wawrzynowicz Avatar

    Not writing any code, when developing a game is not a good thing.

  4. Weapon Smith, Justin Avatar

    So someone like me who doesnt know how to code, but has great artistic skill and story development gameplay ideas. I could use gamemaker and it has the drag and drop thing so i dont have to code? (Obviously it wouldnt be as good as coding yourself) but it would still work?

  5. Guy Geva Avatar

    Unity 5 removed Boo, so it only has 2 languages

  6. TheSpacecraftX Avatar

    Hearthstone is on Unity too which I only recently found out.

  7. TheOriginalMakaaka Avatar

    I used Game Maker when it first came out. I bought version 1 in the cardboard box it came it was originally released. Things sure have changed since then. I was a teenager back then so it would have been early – mid 90s.


    system.threading and the scalable networking possibilities with unity is probably why it's way better than game maker studio. big learning curve, but a better engine in the long road.

  9. GoodGameGod Avatar

    What's the difference between game maker studio and game maker studio 2? Can somebody please tell me.

  10. Hawk Studios Gaming Avatar

    I'm surprised Ravenfield wasn't on here somewhere in Unity, that's already made it to steam as early access and even in that stage is almost one of the best selling Early Access on steam, ive played it, it's awesome.

  11. Midnight_stories Avatar

    What are the export differences between the free versions, which one can cover more OS?

  12. zeyna2005 Avatar

    i think game maker because its easyier so everyone can learn at least the basics of game makeing.

  13. Liquid Avatar

    thank you so much. oh thanks. you are awesome

  14. NequoS Avatar

    hold up, who spends 800 dollars on a software?? just crack that shit, for free

  15. Adrian Arreola Avatar

    Unity 5 IS BETTER !!

  16. jen sen Avatar

    One is free the other is not. You decide

  17. Diceman Avatar

    2D for plebs = GameMaker
    2D and 3D for intermediate/average = Unity
    3D for a e s t h e t i c s = Unreal Engine

  18. ChuckySwiss Avatar

    Does anybody know the name of the game shown at 4:22? I remember playing it when it first came out but can't remember its name for shit.

  19. SuperLego444 Avatar

    Will Game Maker Studio 2 Desktop be free when it is out of BETA?

  20. Dylan Byers Avatar

    I'm on GameMaker Studio 2's side. just because its easier though. xD.

  21. BattleExtremeNL Avatar

    Game maker is free even for commercial usage while with unity when you make above a surtain amount of money you need to give the unity makers a part of it too

  22. ArtuH Avatar

    Game Maker 7.0 was the best.

  23. Francois O'Kennedy Avatar

    you can make a good ass looking game in gamemaker… It depends on your photoshop skills, or if your a plagiarist, your downloads… Gamemaker is nice for 2D and its full on 2D Not like unity, if you use 3D elements its not really 2D… Also I am a unity user and i love it for 3D games… But never ever would I even fucking consider wasting my time in Unity making a 2D game… Also can unity make shitty 2.5 D games? No it cant! gamemaker better for 2D everytime…

  24. I AM THAT Avatar

    i am making a game on sex…..i use unity

  25. PatrykPL24 Avatar

    If you are still not the Best and still learning
    If you are proffesional and want to create high quality games

    If you are still not the Best and still learning
    If you are pro. and want to create high quality games
    Use whatever you want.


    unity is better and that is coming from a 12 year old kid

  27. Harz4LP Avatar

    There is a sale at the moment on Humblebundle!

  28. Atilla Avatar

    Unreal > CryEngine > Unity > ShitMaker studio

  29. Cryptid Productions Avatar

    Game Maker Studio 1 doesn't have a dedicated layering system, but it does have a depth system you can get some of the same effects with by telling it which objects are in front of others.

  30. Squidgy Pupper Avatar

    If I use the free version of Game Maker Studio 2 can I still make mobile games and export them to the Google Play and/or App Store?!?!

  31. Sacred Moon Avatar

    gamemaker studios professional is on sale on humble bundle rn

  32. Builder Brothers Avatar

    You get more for free with unity like the ability to export to all playforms.

  33. Kade Chhang Avatar

    lmao the sale on humble bundle

  34. John Perkins Avatar

    Is this game maker 1 or 2?

  35. Fallout Four Avatar

    can you give me unity apk below 30 mb

  36. Fucked up Freddie Avatar

    None of these are free this click bait

  37. Frederick Lowe Avatar

    Well I downloaded and tried GM. It was very confusing and it does not work with sprite sheets. At least I could not figure it out. Does GM have a splicer for the sprite sheets? I have used unity for a month now. The hardest part about it is tile mapping. It has it's own sprite sheet splicer. Just as good as photo shop. So here is my question, do you really have to import each image on the Sprite sheet?

  38. BlitzyWasabi Avatar

    This video doesn't deserve 300k views. You'll learn more by googling unity vs gamemaker in 3mins compared to watching this 6min video. You didn't even properly compare the features and pros/cons of free version.

    Unity5 free ver can export to all platforms including mobile and there are tons of tutorials and free templates, not to mention websites dedicated to C# and Java programming languages which Unity uses. So in terms of self taught game developers like me, I've made a lot progress and even made a few hundred dollars already just by using the free version of Unity and releasing games on Android App Store.

    Come to think of it, this inspired me to make a better comparison video. If your video reached 300k views without even mentioning what programming languages are being used by the 2 engines then Im sure my more detailed guide will be way more helpful.

  39. Ωmega_factor Avatar

    Let me get that straight, you don't have to code on game maker studio 2?

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