Game Maker Tutorial – Basic Score System

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Game Maker Tutorial Basic Score System

In this tutorial we learn about setting up a basic score system for our game. If you have any questions then feel free to comment on this video or contact me on twitter realtutsgml. Game Maker Tutorial Basic Score System. If you found this video helpful then be sure to leave a like, favorite or maybe even a share!

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8 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial – Basic Score System”

  1. Marius Avatar

    How do I make the score reset to the score I've gotten when I begin the current level? because I can go take a coin and have score 10 right? well after the room resets my score is still 10 so I can spam the coin to get score 1000 If I want

  2. Lyndon Hall Avatar

    I can hear your gums clapping together. Annoying man.

  3. Jordan Hignett Avatar

    I watched the vid and have done as you have shown but my score keeps resetting itself :/ any tips???

  4. Lugnet97 Avatar

    i noticed you added a collision event for the player with the enemy. what had you put there?

  5. Brandon Falconer Avatar

    same it dosnt show the score

  6. RealTutsGML Avatar

    is it to late to answer your question? lmao one year later.. You probably know how to do that stuff now huh. Sorry for not replying earlier

  7. İ. T. Avatar

    hi so first thnks for the help it is great..
    but i hve to ask help for the problem tht is i did s you hve followed on the video. but when i collect coins my enemies disappear. and i wnt to add strt and help and other stuff at the beginning of the game. plus i wnt my min plyer to get some kind of wound nd score decrease. finlly i want my gme to be in cn i do all these??
    thanks a lot

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