Game Maker Tutorial: Creating an In Game Shop

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If you have any questions or errors in your project feel free to comment and let me know! I will try to answer everybodys questions.

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25 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial: Creating an In Game Shop”

  1. RealTutsGML Avatar

    If you have any questions about this tutorial please feel free to email me at thanks for watching!

  2. Blah Games Avatar

    Is this compatible with gms 2 before I do the work

  3. lol 13 Avatar

    could you do another game series and create a slightly advanced game?

  4. GameRise Avatar

    use game maker 2 !!! forget old game maker

  5. Yongze Yao Avatar

    Can you start making game maker studio 2 videos?

  6. rexfurry Avatar

    Cool tutorials, keep up the great work! Subscribed ; )

  7. MCMiner Avatar

    Ive just found you, and you are awesome! Keep it up!

  8. The Joca Master Avatar

    Do u plan updating flashlight tutorial to gamemaker studio 2 since its outdated (some code "**_blend_mode(bm*)"is not/changed in gamemaker studio 2)

  9. Comedy Surge Avatar

    Hey I'm brand new to gml and I LOVE it. Except I don't know it well. You are my favorite youtube for gml and I was wondering if you could do subscriber requests videos

  10. Catox Avatar

    Arrays ? For loops ? Nothing of the sort ?
    I mean… I can appreciate the idea of not taking the "objects" route, but that means you're taking one that is more focused on some "actual programming"… and yet you're using such a non-extendable method…

  11. agge blue Avatar

    24:10 I think it's becaus when you use return it doesn't execute codes below that, so alpha never gets reseted to 1

  12. 3dsXploit Avatar

    why do you not use GMS2

  13. agge blue Avatar

    Very useful tutorial thankyou!

  14. Ethan Perron Avatar

    Can you do a tutorial on making balanced game mechanics

  15. LawZist Avatar

    amazing job mate!

  16. Master Grey Avatar

    Good tutorial only if you could do a crafting system with your inventory

    But other than that this shop is what i needed or i would have done it myself wich i could have,

    Thank you good sir

    And plus this was really simple even a beginner can do this……….

  17. alejandro gomez Avatar

    i love your tutorials, but if you can make a tutorial on how to make your 2d Water waves (2D Platform Water Engine ) from scratch, step by step, will be AWESOME 🙂

  18. SureYouPelican Avatar

    now I can make my first pay2win game!

  19. Larry Lawrence Avatar

    thank you for gamemaker video

  20. TheGreenLeaf Avatar

    Omg i get so happy when you make a tutorial . Because you barely make videos and you are my favorite youtuber so… I just wanted to know if you could make more?

  21. Wrock Avatar

    Can you show us how to make a website please

  22. themovesinc Avatar

    This was great, thank you so much!! 🙂

  23. Sean K Avatar

    Yes! Just what I was looking for.

  24. Dustin Heiderich Avatar

    Do u know in Game purchase with Google Play?

  25. raspberry_picker39 Avatar

    hi! i was wondering if you could make a video on "growing" like in
    i want to have something like that in my game but i really cant figure it out, because it wouldnt be practical to have like 30 sprites of different sizes and to grow like that, thats just silly
    so i would appriciate it if you could make a video like that because its not even fun anymore, it just stresses me out, ive tried many different ways and it just makes me wanna kill myself. lmao

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