Game Maker Tutorial – Ghost Platforms

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In this video we learn how to create jump through platforms that every platformer game needs! If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

Platformer Tutorial –

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23 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial – Ghost Platforms”

  1. Jonathan Augustine Avatar

    Would this not work with multiple human players, sine we're toggling the solidity of the floor objects based on the velocity/speed of a single object?

  2. General Flee Avatar

    Is here a way to make it like if i will be on platform and press S key,i will fall throught platfrom?

  3. Zufällig Name Avatar

    Hey dude! I really like your vids, but I would really like, if you would create a tutorial video for Game Maker, with SAVING and LOADING saved games. So, not only that, but It would be cool, if you would also talk about putting variables in the saving file, and then loading them, cause I really have problems with that!

  4. Fabian Ryan Smith Avatar

    Can you make a tutorial for climbing the side of walls? I'm having trouble making that happen in my game.

  5. J_laubster Avatar

    how do you make questions like…what is  your score minus 3? and then have a number answer

  6. mark hanham Avatar

    Hey wizard can u work your magic on moving ghost platforms up down  and angle movment .

  7. meteoridragon7 Avatar

    I like the idea of this and it is a good simple solution. I gave it a shot but I found a couple glitches when it is used in a larger context. 1) If you have anything in your world resting on ghost platforms (like enemies) they fall through when the player jumps up through any ghost platform. 2) if the player doesn't jump all the way up through a platform and changes vertical direction mid platform it gets stuck.
    I'm a fan of your tutorials and I'd love it if you updated or revised this one.

  8. Switching Plates Avatar

    do you know how to make a multiplayer system for game maker? i have everything to make one but i don't know how to actually set it up.

  9. Chungohan1 Avatar

    1 fst sorry for my english. I have a question. How make counter for enemies left?

  10. ThoseAwkwardGamers Avatar

    Wish I found this tutorial yesterday xb suppose it is good Im slowly being able to do these things on my own though

  11. SuitMeUpRed Avatar

    if i want it to bounce… what do i write ?

  12. OhHeyItsCory Avatar

    Thank you so much! This will really help with the platformer game I am making! I subscribed!

  13. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Don't question my epicness, of course you can change an objects state in game 🙂

  14. Spawned Xion Avatar

    Oh, thanks, that will help a lot actually, thanks again.

  15. RealTutsGML Avatar

    move_contact_solid detects if the object is solid

  16. SlumdogBabu Avatar

    hey man just asking could you make tutorials on game developments with sdl and c++.

  17. RealTutsGML Avatar

    ummm mess around with the hspeed

  18. rexfurry Avatar

    Nice tut, simple but effective ^)^

  19. Spawned Xion Avatar

    Ah, nice, I have another way of doing it that is kinda easier but it's with 2 objects so your way is more economical. I have a question, for collision I use move_contact(270), what it's the difference between move_contact and move_contact_solid? also, which one is better to use for collision with the ground?

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