Game Maker Tutorial – Platformer Ice Slide

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In this video we learn how to add ice blocks into our game Game Maker game. If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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23 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial – Platformer Ice Slide”

  1. Letsplayflorian Avatar

    Thank You for this Tutorial. 🙂

  2. spoochmaster Avatar

    My character doesn't slide a bit… no matter how I do it. I didn't use the facing code since I already got some facing stuff in my game so I just took the ice code and put it in the game exactly how you did (except the facing stuff of course).
    I walk on the ice and nothing happens… please help

  3. Pete the Paper Boat Avatar

    I still dont get the Facing.
    Its so stupid when making animations.
    Just use image_xscale to change the direction of the sprite

  4. Martiniano Bergoglio Avatar

    I think there is a problem with the last "if" because the player stay 16 pixels on ice_floor before he can slide, but 16pix more than it widther so yo can press right or left 1 or 2 times on ice_floor and don´t slide

  5. zerqs Avatar

    I like the clean and easy to read code.  keep it simple allways best 😉

  6. Pete the Paper Boat Avatar

    You can also use image_xscale to flip a sprite

  7. Nick Meeuwisse Avatar

    Can you explain how to make it that i will only be able to press the space button once, because now i can jump in the air and get above the map and so on:$ or make a limit for it each time? ( like double jump ) ? 

  8. Crafter More Content Avatar

    RealTutsGML can u plzzz help me? Ive the lite version and he dont knows the oIce command?

  9. RingLegion Avatar

    Best GameMaker tutorials on youtube.

  10. Dan teh Chad Avatar

    The website just says it's coming soon… But you published this video more than six months ago. So, did the site go down, or did you just never get it running?

  11. DJ Banders Avatar

    all you would need to do is make an event "Collision with the ice block" and drag over set friction to 0.01 and BOOM! You got your self ice.

  12. HyperGolem Avatar

    I tried using this in Gamemaker 7 but it didn't work. The code has no errors, but it just doesn't do anything when my character walks on the ice. I already had the basic movement coded with drag&drop in keyboard_left and keyboard_right events, but I copied the release code in the step event. How should I do this?

  13. Charles Lenogue Avatar

    Tnx. Realy nice tut. Goodjob

  14. TheYosparky Avatar

    can u make a tutorial on how to make a conveyor belt.

    I made one but it doesn't work very well.

  15. pegmis Avatar

    your platform AI tutorial (part 2 mostly) was super helpful.
    if you have not done one, can you make the tutorial expand to an enemy trying to get to you on a higher platform making it necessary to have it jump?
    because right now, it goes back and fourth on the bottom.
    thanks for the videos

  16. jj falcon Avatar

    Can you make more 3D first person shooter tutorials on more movements, weapons, jumping, inventory, etc? it would really help:)

  17. RealTutsGML Avatar

    I have an entire series on that. Look it up on my channel.

  18. meteoridragon7 Avatar

    This is great. I've noticed that most of your tutorials are top-down. Can you do more on platformers? Especially walking, running, jumping over walls?

  19. Funske Avatar

    I was the 40th like.

    Like a boss

  20. Bornajefaca123 Avatar

    can you make
    physics ragdoll plizzzzz!!!!

  21. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Go look at my actual platformer tutorial for that.

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