Game Maker Tutorial – Space Shooter – Part Four: HUD

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In this video we create the HUD (Heads Up Display) for our space shooter game! If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, and favorite.

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21 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial – Space Shooter – Part Four: HUD”

  1. Newtrat Avatar

    "WAVE" dosent appear

  2. Ronny Dark Avatar

    ok but how to reset the wave when the life goes down?

  3. Ronny Dark Avatar

    ok but how to reset the wave when the life goes down?

  4. Ronny Dark Avatar

    ok but how to reset the wave when the life goes down?

  5. Abergaz Avatar

    Is there any chance for part five? Thanks for doing this.

  6. demonyes chaos theory Avatar

    ok lats say i finish mi game how to save it as a game 

  7. Shahars71 Avatar

    Can anyone tell me how to do lives in this game?

  8. MrLeftyyy Avatar

    How could i change it to, instead of the enemies getting through and doing damage, hitting my ship and taking damage. what would the code be? 
    I dont know the collision code >.<

    if (collision_with obj_player)
    global.hitpoints -= 5;

    This is what i wrote

  9. Ade Wadey Woo Avatar

    i ve tryed this and it diddent work ive gene over it about 100000000 times and i think it dosent work on the free version is that correct?

  10. HurtMePlenty Avatar

    have you a big project on game maker ? your game ? 

  11. MattTheGamer Avatar

    And also respawning without resetting the room.

  12. MattTheGamer Avatar

    Hey, I want to make a game kind of like a 2d call of duty, or any other shooter. What i would like to know is how to make platformer enemy AI that plays almost exactly like a player. (It runs to a certain point, in a randomized path, and shoots when the player, or the bots (I will use the same thing for the players team) get too close. Is that possible?

  13. Dragula5892 Avatar

    Hey RealTuts I made a game based off your space shooter and after only watching the first two tutorials I completely expanded from there you should see what I did, it could even give you a few ideas.

  14. el ghxwvcwxbgzfsg dskjklsk Avatar

    `can you please make tutorial 5 ?

  15. ArchyTech14 Avatar

    does anybody know how to make it when your health bar runs out you die?

  16. ArchyTech14 Avatar

    where is the next tutorial 🙁 looking forward to it 😉

  17. J_laubster Avatar

    could you possibly do a Greenfoot tutorial?

  18. fma64 Avatar

    Hi, I love your tutorials, I need to ask something:
    I'm planning to add more types of enemies, so i don't know if you just make as many objects as enemies you want or if you're going to make some sort of handler or enemy array as in your java tutorials, also, i'm trying to create an enemy who needs 2 hits to be killed, i tried this code in the collision with the bullet:
    var i =0;
    while(0 <= i <=2){
    with(other) instance_destroy();

    but is just crashes, lol
    any ideas?

  19. FeX-TheMasterspiffy Avatar

    what happend to the minecraft clone tutorials???

  20. SuitMeUpRed Avatar

    nice tutorial man 🙂
    i was wondering if you could make a series on a platform game, with almost everything and you could ask people at the end of the video what you should do next so that everyone has what he wants. Thanks man 🙂

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