Game Maker Tutorial – Zombie Game Part 1

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This is the first episode of our zombie game tutorial! If you have any questions then be sure to leave a comment or contact me on twitter; realtutsgml. If you learned something then be sure to leave a like, comment, favorite and maybe even a share.

Movement Tutorial

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22 responses to “Game Maker Tutorial – Zombie Game Part 1”

  1. Hypsandar Avatar

    The bullet appears at the player's shoulder instead of the gun

  2. The Grossy Gamer Avatar

    image_angle is only for pro can you pleaese make one for the free one

  3. Kotun Avatar

    late step doesn't show up,i mean the first code/event,any help ?

  4. Janík Ďuraš Avatar

    which recording program, do you use ?

  5. Gamermanic Avatar

    action number 1
    of Mouse Event for Glob Left Button
    for object obj_bullet:

    Push :: Execution Error – Variable Get 100001.shooting(100000, -2147483648)
     at gml_Object_obj_bullet_GlobalLeftButtonDown_1 (line 1) – if shooting=false

  6. xc ok Avatar

    I want to make a game that has 3d view a rpg (sort of —>) zombie(<— sort of) game with a bunch of classes (like gunner,warrior,mage etc.) and a bunch of races (like elf,lizard,spider etc.) and skills  (for the races and classes) with like potions (with a awesome system for it like (making choices to put what in it and to stir what you have and you can put some dif liquids ) (but with 1000's of dif potions ) ) also with black smithing and enchanting and a money system and if there people that are alive can go into and have shops for all that

     and 5 even cooler things (so of coarse there will be dif mobs to, so 1. breeding (breeding:a tamer class can tame them and breed them) 2.combing weapons and armor (combing:so if a black smith can make (a handle sword top etc. and can 2nd combining can is adding like two swords or something together like that) 3.multiplayer (well you know what thats is…)  ) 4.single player (well you know that too) 5.random world gen (yep random so when a server or single player…you kind of know that to XD) ) and maybe some story (that also servers can make custom) idk care what the game graphics and sounds look if a game had that much i would play it forever and people would and it has infinite possibility with all that and people would buy a game like that like candy XD

    (to me that would be better then minecraft,cod,WoW,and much more…because it has a little bit of all that.) but would take FOREVER to make…

    (p.s. the game would have awesome armor and leveling and a TON of Items.. also forgot to say that there are house you can live in you can sell them and more one more thing is TONS and ) (that would be the best game forever because it will take forever but it would have so much that no one could make a game better because it has everthing that all gamers for every genres and ya)

    (tell me what you think?)

  7. ThePolarMonkey Afk Avatar

    cnat shoot marks as a fatal error when i left click

  8. MRAMNESIA8 Avatar

    This is fucking awesome! Very nice work 🙂

  9. FBGLLBL. Avatar

    hey better code for movement is:
    image_angle= point_direction(x,y,mouse_x,mouse_y)

    if keyboard_check(vk_nokey) {image_index=0 image_speed=0 speed=0}
    if keyboard_check(ord("W"))move_towards_point(mouse_x,mouse_y,5)image_speed=0.7
    if keyboard_check(ord("S"))move_towards_point(mouse_x,mouse_y,-5)image_speed=0.7

  10. Agent Husk Avatar

    Nice video man. Can you take a look at my game through a bad quality video I made and tell me what you think?

  11. RealTutsGML Avatar

    yes I could do it easily…

  12. Xavier Coppens Avatar

    if you mean diagonal then:
    if keyboard_check(vk_left) x-=4
    if keyboard_check(vk_right) x+=4
    if keyboard_check(vk_up) y-=4
    if keyboard_check(vk_down) y+=4

  13. Xavier Coppens Avatar

    you mean that the player can move like and /

  14. RealTutsGML Avatar

    Thanks and I do have a java game tutorial. It's how to make a ping game with complete code. /watch?v=S_Z2yP2XVUA

  15. Parallel69 Avatar

    Do you have any latest tutorials involving game maker or any other development stuff. Could you do any C++ stuff like other Proper coding games instead of ready made programmes. Thanks and your tut's are real helpfull thumbs up if you agree. 😀

  16. Parallel69 Avatar

    Heey RealTutsGML what version of Game Maker are you using or what game maker is it. thanks.

  17. TheTinxE Avatar

    scratch that, I used keyboard_check(ord('D')) && place_free(x+5,y) {x+=5} and it works.
    Now I just need to figure out how to change the sprite used for the player when 2 movements are pressed.

  18. TheTinxE Avatar

    vk_up, vk_down, etc etc, what are the commands for the W,A,S,D keys? I tried vk_A and all that.

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