Game Programming is my Life – Motivational Video

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Music: Feint – Lift

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37 responses to “Game Programming is my Life – Motivational Video”

  1. Nadem Hijaze Avatar

    Is there a different between game programmer and programmer??

  2. gale2384 Avatar

    Kudos to those that do achieve their goals or strive to make it a reality! You make the worlds we love to play!

  3. andrea rossi Avatar

    what the language for programming your game??

  4. AlbShadoW Avatar

    My brain is fucking me so hard in this game developer thing. Only my heart is telling "YES" but my brain is telling "YES" or "MAYBE NOT".

  5. SnowZo Avatar

    What is the music you used.

  6. The Mind Avatar

    I wanted to go to sleep and I felt like I need someone to tell me "Go to sleep!". And what did I do? I watched this video. I seriously lack willpower.

  7. PROJECT: Joza100 Avatar

    makes me feel something

  8. Hyeongman Jeong Avatar

    i was hockey player before in korea now  i quick  but i want to be game programmer but i  28years old  it ok not too late ?becuase i like to game and be like that  i still keep thinking to

  9. Quantum Information Avatar

    thanks for sharing, I'm gonna make a video soon about how not to give up as a early programmer

  10. Slick Awesome Avatar

    I need to sleep because if I don't get enough, I become less effective of a programmer

  11. Relax Boy Avatar

    what is the name of that guy who is speaking in the beginning of the video ?

  12. WFMG Avatar

    I don't want to comment my thoughts at this moment.

    I don't know if I want to keep with what I'm doing, go somewhere else, or stop going.

  13. bradleyrules09 Avatar

    i watch this like 3 times a day… love it! working hard at my game!

  14. taner sonmez Avatar

    how I create game?can you answer me

  15. Troy Pepito Avatar

    So I didn't sleep 3 days in a row and now I'm in heaven

  16. satya sashi Avatar

    Really Good one and very inspirational. And what is the Back Ground Music of this video? can anyone tell me please? 😀

  17. SomeRandom Dude Avatar

    some reason black guys are better at motivating. Maybe their voice is inspirating

  18. billiepipersteeth Avatar

    The most important thing that my 15+ years in the technology industry has taught me is that working more than 8 hours a day 5 days a week is generally counter productive.

  19. Crain Storm Avatar

    I want to be a programmer so much!I learned to make X and O ,games in console! I wont give up!

  20. hypergxd Avatar

    because of game programming, till sometimes i forget to eat

  21. Arturo Ordonez-Hernandez Avatar

    I think I finally came to realize that struggling with code is inevitable. No matter how skilled you get when coding, or art, etc., there will be moments when roadblocks will come. Success depends on how determined you are to work through these rough moments.

  22. piziskewl Avatar

    The "motivational" speaker is preaching an unhealthy lifestyle that won't make you successful and is actually more prone to cause you to make a mistake. You need sleep, you need to eat, and you need to know when to take a breather.

    Work hard, but know when to turn off.


  23. Another Games Avatar

    Man, I have been working since 28th November NON-STOP every single day on an online game. (Since September for the engine)
    Who wants to join me into making the game?

  24. Raees Ahmad Avatar


  25. Pat Cobrador Avatar

    go go go! finish it dude!

  26. normalguycap Avatar

    Curious what that shouty guy has to say about those who fail. Was their idea shit? Surely not all who fail do so because they didn't try hard enough.

  27. Swapnesh Kumar Sahoo Avatar

    For those of y'all who wanted the song details 🙂

    Song: You're All Gonna Die (Instrumental version)
    Artist: Krishna

  28. Abraham Intriago Avatar

    it's very difficult? i want to learn..

  29. Christian Koehler Avatar

    Don't believe this. I have been working for 13 years in the industry as a coder. 15 commercial releases. In most of them I wrote the entire code. In 13 years: Allmost NO OVERTIME, always ENOUGH SLEEP and TIME TO EXERCISE. Good health is important, otherwise you will fail in the long run. I actually run marathons. Just forget about the "stay up all night" bullshit. Why? Simple: When you are sleepy, you work as bad as someone who is drunk. You will make stupid mistakes and bad decisions. You will become agressive and argue with team mates. There is lots of science about that. When you are too tired it takes 5 minutes to make a stupid mistake that ruins your game. Sometimes it takes five weeks to fix that. !!! Don't !!!

  30. OneHourLoop Avatar

    Coding is life. coding is love.

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