GDPR Compliance: Why I Will Not Be GDPR Compliant

Today, im going to talk about the whole GDPR compliance topic. Before you think this is a rant, just take the time to listen to some of the reasons why i think the GDPR bill is not suitable for some people.

In short, i believe europe is going the wrong way with the privacy policy for wordpress users and other websites. Sure they can dictate to their citizens but im not from europe so i wont be GDPR compliant.

If you are based in europe and want to be GDPR compliant for your government, you can download the plugin here. The personal data the protect is a good thin, it helps enforce the data protection from many companies out there, but until my government tells me to, i wont be participating in it.

Let me know what you think about the GDPR and if you think i make some good points!

This is a video about general data protection regulation






20 responses to “GDPR Compliance: Why I Will Not Be GDPR Compliant”

  1. Tech IT Int. Avatar

    Hi Darrell, thanks for your video, research and point of view, it finds me totally on your side… but…
    This kind of "regulations" and "bills" are a huge business for Govs, notoriously greedy about money (ours in particular), and this DGPR that's just born, could be just the start of worldwide adoption; just a matter of time.
    Comments and reactions from other Countries (not from the citizens of course) have been positive and they will be keen to copy the legislation that has been well studied for over 2y. Meanwhile, US Gov is discussing the Net Neutrality Bill, something should happen these days, and if they keep it will be just for electoral purposes, not for ethical ones. Every Country controls how it likes Internet, banning services or shutting down protocols etc. Just an Example about FB: , or the use of VPN, . Can go on with a long list of services.
    Now, yes I agree we can filter traffic on many ways, WP bloggers can use many plugins to redirect or apply rules for targeted Country, also using DNS Geolocation load balancing we can determine the origin and serve different pages or block content or do as we please, solutions are many.
    However, I fear this will be a temporary cure, they took 2.5Y to study the GDPR, it will only take 10 minutes to copy it and apply it somewhere else.
    I really hope I'm wrong! Thanks again for your video.

  2. 4x4linux - JustInDesigns Avatar

    I saw a comment about a EU citizen hosting in the US – but reverse this – What If…… You are a US citizen and your host is in EU and looking at your analytics your users are US so you did not give it a thought before. Do you have to be GDPR compliant?

  3. Kensington Link Building SEO Avatar

    International law applies and the US authorities will enforce it. She continues: "While we don’t yet have U.S.-EU negotiated civil enforcement mechanisms for the GDPR (and it is unknown whether we ever will), there is still the application of international law and potential cooperation agreements between U.S. and EU law enforcement agencies, which have been increasing in recent years."

    The bottom line: EU regulators can fine U.S. companies for violating GDPR, and they can do it with the help of U.S. authorities.

  4. Asit Aithal Avatar

    As you correctly said, GDPR is not enforceable in the US.

  5. Nick Le Page Avatar

    Not up to your usual standards.

  6. Adam Blacktopp Avatar

    Wow exellent explanation, it seems like censoring without censoring by way of making other countries block them.

  7. Harvey Gordon Avatar

    I hope this video gets millions of views in a very short period of time. Thanks Darrel, -best, -hg

  8. Harshit Mani Tripathi Avatar

    So how about a video on filtering traffic from a specific country? How can we ban a specific country or state or anything like that to visit the website?

  9. Harvey Gordon Avatar

    Touche'- Well done my friend. Very well done. -best, -hg

  10. Greg Hyatt Avatar

    I will not participate as I serve only U.S. based clientele. Personally, I wish there was a way to selectively block countries via the .htaccess file! I’m sure there is, just haven’t stumbled across it as of now!

  11. Max Drljić Avatar

    Save yourself from the struggle if you are from Europe like me, download a VPN and enjoy the internet like every normal human being should.

  12. z400racer37 Avatar

    Am I mistaken that a VPN will fix all the problems this law might make for you if you live in the EU? Governments are getting outrageous…

  13. Emre vamp Avatar

    your right , this GDPR shit doesnt make sense for me

  14. Benjamin Karlog Avatar

    Here in Denmark we call some elements of GDPR "the gummy bear law" as it is so badly written.


    The meaning of the law is that personal data like name is email address etc belongs to the people and if they want they can delete or whatever. A company will be charged only if someone asks to delete his personal data and doesn't do that. And it's till 20 million euros or 4% of global revenue. Of course other countries outside Europe don't know if they have already made deals with Europeans to fine them. It's a very strict law for us here and we wait to see what will happen.

  16. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think about my opinion below and make sure to watch it till the end! Watch MY Whiteboard Presentation at 5:30

  17. lord chive Avatar

    Unfortunately, in the EU, you just cant choose to "opt out" it's actual laws

  18. Agent Detective Avatar

    what if you have a membership website?would that need to be GDPR?

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