Geometric Shape Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

In this photo effects tutorial i will show you how to create this slick Geometry design effect using photoshop.

this photo effect is more like wallpaper but you can use it as banner or logo if you modify it little.

All we will use is basic shapes available in photoshop and combine two different images that contrast nicely with each other.

Beginner using photoshop might get little confused in this photo effect but it can be done in couple of tries. We will use clipping mask to combine images with shapes and then use strokes to make it look more attractive.

i have shown two different version in tutorial and you will how easy it is to switch between different looks. it doesn’t take more than few seconds.

Also some color correction which is also flexible and you can change according to the mood you are going for.

I really hope you enjoy this photo effects tutorial and if you have questions or suggestions ask me in comments below.

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39 responses to “Geometric Shape Effect | Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. [Sir]* Killer Avatar

    Wooooow … amazing … i made an awesome pic , only by watching this video… thanks a lot !!!

  2. Diaz Khaidar Avatar

    good bye, take care, and have some fun with photoshop.

  3. Muammar Ly Avatar

    اشكرك يا مبدع تحياتي

  4. kênh hài cười téc rốn Avatar

    i just wanna say thankyou so much

  5. TheAbouichrak Avatar

    Very nice, thank you

  6. Storm Devil Avatar


  7. Tido Wave Avatar

    Right on, awesome tutorial! I'm in a position where I need to make a company logo and your video for sure upped my confidence with Photoshop. Cheers!

  8. AkuuArt Avatar

    this is sick im learning alot from you thanks!!

  9. Ahmed Rafat Avatar

    This is definitely the best channel to teach Photoshop at all..

  10. Mahfuzur Rahman Sakib Avatar

    can i know which screen recorder u r using?

  11. FuckyeahOTPs Avatar

    THANK YOU!!! this helped me a lot with my youtube cover <3

  12. Alygalv Avatar

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! youre so amazing! i subbed! loved the tutorial!

  13. Dan_of_Earth Avatar

    how could i cut the backround out to keep the image in the diamonds only?

  14. SabinGaming Avatar

    I watch all your videos bro… You are the best at tutorials.. Hope you grow more and fast

  15. Kayemache Avatar

    You must experiment a lot with PS. This tutorial is amazing

  16. Prince Nadeem Avatar

    how can i get infinite brush tool…

  17. Emanuele Collodoro Avatar

    Beautiful, does not let me download the mountains background, the page does not work

  18. N0THiNG6 Avatar

    looks like way out West cover picture

  19. Kelly Meltens Avatar

    thanks for this awsome tutorial. just one question? why did i need to put the buildings picture behind the portrait? i dont see any defference.

  20. EdiT ZooN Avatar

    Why you Youtube channel verification Badge. your channel subsribe 100k.

  21. Wi J Avatar

    can u say what hotkeys to press on Mac OS ? Not only on Windows

  22. Bung asep Avatar

    i press like for good tutorial

  23. max designer Avatar

    nice and thnx for that

  24. Alejandro Castro Avatar

    i love your tutorials! they are amazings !!!

  25. XTREAM FAHIM Avatar

    cool i have used it….

  26. Himangshu Boruah Avatar

    watched your all video and lern how to do this… thnw .. manipulation is easy now for you thnw so much

  27. the dark flaming Avatar

    you are the Best Whit photoshop

  28. सुshant श्रीvastava Avatar

    can u please make a video for making Photo Mosaic in Photoshop

  29. Golu Sharma Avatar

    windows 10 me dark mode ko add kese karte he.

  30. Bappy Khan Avatar

    Very Nice Tuturial ….i loved your all Videos….

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