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Over a year ago I made a video that made me pretty popular on YouTube called Gestures and Body Language.

I had always been interested in body language so I decided to combine all of the knowledge I could get from the top 20 books, law enforcement manuals and psychology books. I combined everything these experts agreed on into one video and it was a hit.

I kept receiving requests to make a version of it that included pictures / videos and today I provide that video!

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  1. Tom Tchikofski Avatar

    @4:08 Humm. I had to recheck Putin and trump handshake at G20

  2. Graeme Kay Avatar

    Great video! Are you OK though? You look like a drug addict on a bad day. 😉

  3. Linked Neurons Avatar

    Why do they have the image of a women on the tab, but she isn't in the video at all. Makes me want to give it a thumbs down just for that. Guess I won't, though. 🙂

  4. Thaddeus Pitch Avatar

    I'm glad that this entire video stayed as a slideshow. 😉

  5. dax colwell Avatar

    haha now i'm over thinking every body movement i do constantly. Question; what would it mean, if i have my legs crossed at the ankles, and one arm is holding up my leaning body against a tall table, while my other arm is on my hip with elbow out. I do this quite often at work, after talking to strangers for like 2-4 minutes, and am wondering what it means.

  6. mcdonaldmatthew41 Avatar

    This was awesome half way through i forgot i was watching it for a school assignment.

  7. Chris Parker Avatar

    I chanced upon this video while looking at your Inkscape tuts–just in time for a job interview. I've studied this in the past and this was a nice refresher. Thanks Derek!

  8. Darren Murphy Avatar

    Great video thanks man, how do you deal with a person you think is trying to dominte you?

  9. JetLike TheJewel Avatar

    When I am thinking or recalling information, I often look down and to my right. I don't think this is entirely accurate.

  10. Gülşah Algan Avatar

    firstly i want to say your video's very beneficial but you speaking so fast . and my English not perfect. Would u speak more slowly at videos ? Thanks for your study's..

  11. Marissa Foor Avatar

    Do left handed people look a different way then right handers?

  12. EON ALEX Avatar

    oh man! that was funny

  13. BlueDrops GT Avatar

    wait, so in the eye direction when a person is lying or not is it MY left/right or is THEIR left/right?

  14. Harry Pavon Avatar

    Thanks for this info it's very helpful

  15. UrbanGecko Avatar

    I spent my whole evening copying this video down word for word so you guys can copy and paste this into your notepad on your phone or something so you can have this brilliant information on the go. Hope it helps. 😀

    Eyes- dialated means stimulated or problem solving mode or ready to make a good decision. Or they are just interested in you.

    Constricted pupils- they are challenging or disagreeing with you.

    Eyebrow raise- not threatening

    Blinking frantically- lying or uncomfortable
    Looking to your top right- they are remembering a visual memory or they will tell you the truth.

    Looking to your top left-imagining something or making something up or they will lie to you.

    Looking sideways to your right- They are remembering something they heard.

    Looking sideways to your left- They are making something up or deceiving you.

    Looking down to your left- They are remembering an emotion or feeling.

    Looking down to your right- They are talking
    to themself internally or deciding.


    Someone's hand on top- They think they are superior and more important to you.

    Someone's hand the same height and parallel to yours- They want to equal you or think they are just as important as you.

    Someone's hand beneath yours- They think they are beneath you or that you have authority.

    Showing palms or open palms- They are honest or sure.

    Showing palms all the time- They are most likely lying or being dishonest.

    Holding hands together in front of them- They are holding back bad news or a negative reaction.

    Holding arm with wrist behind their back- They are attempting self control, the further up their hand is the more agitated or angry they are.

    Head on open hands palms down- They like or admire you.

    Someone picking lint or things of their shirt- They have a secret opinion or they are not telling you all the facts.

    Hands clenched together in front of them- They are feeling upset or vulnerable.

    Someone using a palm down gesture- They are practising authority or frustration.

    Someone pointing at you- They are annoyed or agitated.

    Someone rubbing hands together- They are expecting something positive, if it is a slow rub they think that you or others will benefit from it, whereas if it is a fast rub they think that they are going to benefit from it.

    Hands together in a triangle like a villain- Confidence or maybe superiority.

    Pressing your index/forefinger to your thum- Makes people think you are superior but not scary or aggressive.

    Someone's hands together behind their back- They think they are superior or in charge,or that they are confident.

    Someone's hands on hips- They are prepairing  to dominate or take control, unless their elbows are close to their body in which case they are submissive.

    Someone with their fingers and thumbs in their pockets- Most likely aggressive or agitated.

    Someone with fingers in pockets but thumbs out- They are superior or want to be in charge.

    Hands out of their pockets- Also feel superior or a want to be superior to you or to others.

    Arms folded- Don't like or trust something or feel uncomfortable or upset; or even threatened.

    Arms folded grabbing biceps or upper arm- The person is feeling upset or insecure.

    Arms folded with clenched fists- That person is hostile, angry or feeling threatened and defensive.

    Someone putting drink on the opposite side to their drinking/dominant hand- They are feeling uncomfortable,awkward or even threatened.

    Your feet point to where you want to go next.

    Someone with one leg on top of the other and moving or twisting their feet- They are feeling uncomfortable and want to change subject or leave.

    Sitting with open legs- Someone feels dominant or open.

    Sitting with crossed legs for a long period of time- Someone feels anxious, unsure or that they don't want to talk about the topic or at all.

    Someone sitting with arms and legs crossed- They are in a bad mood and will likely say no to everything or are about to tell you some bad news.

    Someone locking their ankles together- They are withholding information or holding back a negative emotion.

    Someone sits awkwardly or abnormally in a chair- They don't really like you or think much of you and they believe that they are dominant and have power over you or that they are better than you. If a girl or woman crossed and un-crosses her legs whilst talking to you she approves of you or likes you.

    Smiles- You can tell if someone is smiling for real if they have wrinkles around their eyes.  They do then it is a real smile, if there is no wrinkles under the persons eyes then it is a fake smile.

  16. UrbanGecko Avatar

    Thanks for putting this video together bro. Really helped me. XD

  17. Randy Maylowski Avatar

    is this show, of body language! is for dating.?

  18. Luffy Loup Avatar

    Much better! Some gestures still seem like they would vary to what the person's actually feeling though. eg if it were cold, they maybe fold their arms to hug themselves to try and stay warm.

  19. Noajm IsMy Name Avatar

    Wried people need to watch this and do these helps!!! Don't be awkward guys

  20. Ivax smith Avatar

    very niiince where did you get this dude

  21. Marcella J. Avatar

    Excelent video! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  22. kamie k Avatar

    9:56 he looked so weird…very informative video i like it.

  23. Remi Stardust Avatar

    The eye-direction aspect might have lost weight in recent years, unreliable at best.

  24. Mark Kirby Avatar

    Love your videos though lol

  25. Mark Kirby Avatar

    This guy looks like he wants to murder someone. Am I the only one who sees this?

  26. Chip Taylor Avatar

    Are you from western PA? I recognize that accent

  27. Rin Avatar

    the movement of the eyes… is the perspective you are teaching us from our perspective when we look at the person or from the person we are observing's perspective??

  28. Al KiNg Avatar

    Nice. thanks for searing

  29. bacher Bellow Avatar

    Your video is educative and inspiring I am now an official fan Derek

  30. rocky toombstone Avatar

    i was thinking that how come i always look down when thinking or imagining something and then you mentioned that if you look down its because you're talking to yourself internally haha

  31. Chelsie Rachal Avatar

    Honestly as for the looking different directions when thinking.. I am left handed. I have a different dominant side of my brain. Every time I try to think of something, I look either to my left and up or to my left and down.. It's always been like this. But can be perceived as lying from common eye patterns that I've seen like on this video.

  32. Mark Jeffries Avatar

    i have aspigurs and these videos make life a lot easier. now I feel like im on top and my friends keep increasing thank you.

  33. Musa Phillips Avatar

    Can't figure out how to message you, can you suggest at least two good body language books?

  34. Musa Phillips Avatar

    Just starting to get into this field as well as psychological profiling, this was very well done. Thank you.

  35. sara Boumi Fam Avatar

    Thank you so much it was great

  36. Alicia Avatar

    This video is better than your previous one by far! I made a comment on your last one to add what i thought would be improvements but youve made them a here! So ignore my last comment, you did great and this vid is very good! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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