Git Tutorial – 1 – How to Download and Install Git

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40 responses to “Git Tutorial – 1 – How to Download and Install Git”

  1. Adoni Aamir Avatar

    Best tutorial of Git on youtube (Y)

  2. Roland doda Avatar

    Wow bucky.beatbox!!!i like it 😛

  3. Tal Nir Avatar

    when you say git it also mean gitHub?????/

  4. Papun Puthal Avatar

    cool tutorial ever………………

  5. Palash Chhaperwal Avatar

    Hey never told why you used only git bash..

  6. Graficar 92 Avatar

    Ive folowed every step with the installation but when i try to open Git bash it just doesnt open, the window flashes for a second and that is that…using windows 10

  7. Sirous Mani Avatar

    Bucky, you should do machine learning tutorials if you haven't already.

  8. duelas01 Avatar

    the intro feels so funny

  9. yerrapotu kiran Avatar

    Profession-making ur lives easy (i have written codes used in the above video with description)'
    $ git help //YOu will see basic command
    $ git –help //A text editor will be opened with git code when u run , u will see the description of each git codes
    eg. git config –global "name"
    $ pwd //See what git is analysing (in short- it shows the location u r present now)
    $ ls // local folders

    i will comment next usefull commands or codes in the comming videos ,thank you


  10. yerrapotu kiran Avatar

    Guys does forum means .buckys website right???? He said to meet me on forum ,i think he is gonna give me a gift as ima best student

  11. Mallu K Avatar

    Hey Bucky,.
    Are your videos relevant for git version

  12. Mark Doctor Avatar

    Man your a superstar.

  13. gaurav setia Avatar

    Hey Bucky the way u start ur tutorials is ausumn- what the heck is going on guys lol

  14. Navil Rodrigues Avatar

    seriously?? your intro scared me!!!

  15. siferuk Avatar

    There is an extra option during installation now, Use MinTTY or Windows default console window, do you know which is best? thanks 🙂

  16. Simon Kalu Avatar

    Nice demo! A great way to start. Thanks man

  17. xMilos Avatar


  18. mohan babu Avatar

    Hi, thank you for your wonderful tuts i did my github account,

  19. eyesis0081 Avatar

    Can you download git to a tablet or I-pad? Just wondering because I tried but was unable to. Thanks!!!

  20. Georgi Georgiev Avatar

    Thank you very much for the explanation about Git, Bucky!
    GOD bless you and keep you :).

  21. saltcheese Avatar

    i am gay for bucky

  22. J48 Avatar

    I keep getting network errors. WHY?

  23. Arno Petrosyan Avatar

    git doesn't change folders name's letters case.

  24. Alexandru Spasenie Avatar

    Your tutorials are awesome! Very easy to understand, short videos not to get bored, useful information and small jokes to make a relaxed atmosphere. I started with android tutorials from mybringback a few years ago and now I wanted to learn about GIT and before searching elsewhere I searched your channel and was happy to find it here! Great work and I appreciate you put it free, I know these types of tutorials usually cost houndred of dollars.

  25. Steve K Avatar

    Best git tutorial on the web – thanks Bucky

  26. ItsDenn Avatar

    For people who use linux or mac os x, if you are confused by bucky because he opens a "cmd" like window you can just open up terminal and directly type your commands in there.

  27. Emerik Steben-Taillon Avatar

    i need to download these xonotic player models from git

  28. A Tiny Blues Avatar

    thx we use this in university

  29. Elduque40 Avatar

    +thenewboston got you email address at the least the one you use to log into your website… (mwaaaahhhh) 

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