Git Tutorial – 16 – Getting Old Versions from the Repository

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19 responses to “Git Tutorial – 16 – Getting Old Versions from the Repository”

  1. sameer sah Avatar

    7:07 File that we checkout form older version is already in the staging area.Why did you use git commit -am " " ?

  2. Ravikiran kada Avatar

    What I see when we do a "git log" is just the "commit number", "Author", "Date". How do we recognize if for what file that commit was done??? so we can do a checkout to that specific version . .

  3. Pranjal Gupta Avatar

    Hye Bucky,
    when I typed git checkout <commit_no> — index.html
    followed by
    git status
    It didn't showed modified:index.html

  4. Itzjac Dagon Avatar

    After git checkout #commit ref number# — filename.txt, I get an error HEAD detached at #commit ref number#, anyone else? I do get the right version of the file, but the working copy complains with this status.

  5. BringerOfTheTruth Avatar

    Lol at the Java popup in the middle of the tutorial 🙂

  6. malhar jajoo Avatar

    git commit is used to switch branches or restore working tree files.

  7. amir mekk Avatar

    you must lost so many guys all named kevin hahaha 🙂

  8. Abhijith N Avatar

    What is the difference between git checkout — index.html(Video 14) and git checkout commitnumber — index.html. Both are getting the good copies from repo.

  9. md tush Avatar

    Bucky it is really helpful

  10. Trunks-The Legendary Ultra Mega Saiyan Lord God Avatar

    How do i checkout the whole project from the repository, instead of just one file? Do i just type the project name?

    As in 'git checkout <commit number> — "project name" ?

  11. Yeeson Yu Avatar

    Bucky, if I modified several files and now I need one of them reversed back the previous version, how can I identify this file by the series of number that 'git log' provided? Especially I forget which commit responds to this file anyway.

  12. Philip Ekholm Avatar

    Dat color! #006699

  13. EatOrganic NonGMO Avatar

    What about git revert ? I thought that can be used in this scenario: where a commit has been performed and it maintains commit history.

  14. rockndancenroll Avatar

    we can see your email haha, spam time.

  15. Gabriel Hasbun Avatar

    Finally some GitHub tutorials.

  16. Dhruv Joshi Avatar

    C c CCC ccccvqggf go CCB

  17. blissB2 Avatar

    was about fucking time bucky-san ^^

  18. HOUSSEM ZAIER Avatar

    A great thanks you from Paris !!!

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