Git Tutorial Part 1: What is Version Control?

Part 2 will be posted Thursday. If you already know Git, don’t worry, a brand new “JSON & AJAX” video will be up next Tuesday. Link to full course with coupon:

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18 responses to “Git Tutorial Part 1: What is Version Control?”

  1. Karl Wang Avatar

    Really clear and simple, and your voice is great.

  2. zj liang Avatar

    Nice illustration for git. Thank you!

  3. Maiya O Avatar

    Thank you for the vids! Is it possible to make a branch that you never intend to merge back into the main project? Can you easily keep this organized?

  4. Siyabonga Nzulwana Avatar

    Great tutorial, I love it. many thanks

  5. Usman Ahmed Avatar

    Best explanation I've ever heard.

  6. Verdandi Moklebust Avatar

    Thanks! 🙂 you're awesome

  7. Artimal ♛ Avatar

    Your tree is so fucking funny 😀

  8. Hans Müller Avatar

    In my opinion this is a very good introduction to git because everything is explained really well with visual guidance. The structure was great and the video really helped me to understand the advantages and use cases of git!
    I look forward to watching the next videos in the series!

  9. Mau Ferrusca Avatar

    I ended up feeling a little guilty for not using Git ages ago. Great video and never too late to learn. Excellent explanation style. Thanks.

  10. Daniel Avatar

    I hope you'll go with the GIT details. And I am sure that I am not the only one who really like the way you present your tutorials. Congratulations!

  11. Binarybros Avatar

    Could you make a series on statamic cms

  12. Tahir Bhai Avatar

    Very nice and simplest way to understand. Thanks @LearnWebCode.
    This is a first video I watched in your channel and I have subscribed you for this great initialization of course. Git

    I'know already about the GIT but not an expert in this. Hope I'll learn more in this course. Thanks!

  13. Husain Ahmmed Avatar

    Thanks for this video waiting for next one

  14. v topalek Avatar

    thanx for youre work. maybe, you can explane how to work with git at server with site, that already in web.

  15. leoking938 Avatar

    For this series, I want to understand how to deal with conflicts and how to merge the correct way. This is the only part that tutorials don't explain well and that most headaches gives us begginer developers. thanks for this series!

  16. Kerim Grozny Avatar

    Just got notified that you posted a new video

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