Git Tutorial Part 4: GitHub (Pushing to a Server)

If you already know Git, don’t worry, a brand new “Vector Art & Animation” video will be up next Tuesday. Link to full course with coupon:

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24 responses to “Git Tutorial Part 4: GitHub (Pushing to a Server)”

  1. Valentino Pereira Avatar

    where are you dude? you teach very well

  2. Rafael Dantas Avatar

    Waiting for the remaining videos. Thanks for sharing this, you're amazing.

  3. komal verma Avatar

    sir, please upload full series of the topic GIT on youtube. you are a really amazing, and your explanation is awesome. GIT is also an interesting topic.

  4. Ishtmeet Singh Avatar

    I have a habit of liking your videos before starting to watch. Am I nice? Nah, you deserve it, because I know you'll never disappoint us.

  5. Cheng Jinfei Avatar

    please do more videos

  6. Dmitry Isaevski Avatar

    Thank you, man! You`re magician

  7. Piyush Garg Avatar

    Thankyou for sharing your knowledge of git with us. It's really a very good tutorial for an intermediate developer like me who has no knowledge about github. Thankyou. 🙂

  8. rabin rai Avatar

    Awesome! Git video tutorial. I learned very much. Thank you for great tutorials.

  9. Maran Santhalingam Avatar

    Hi Brad, Thanks a lot for the Git videos , waiting for remaining videos 🙂

  10. minipip Avatar

    Really great tutorial. Trying to learn Git and this really helps =)

  11. 张洋洋 Avatar


  12. yerrapotu kiran Avatar

    Y r u cloning files , u can directly use the original file ,can't u???

  13. Binarybros Avatar

    Could you please make a Semantics UI tutorial Pleeeease!!!!! You are an amazing instructor and there aren't any good ones out there. You would do good at it!!!

  14. Олександр Мельник Avatar

    Hi @LearnWebCode. Could you please share your PS1 settings from this video. Looks very pretty;)

  15. pakku Avatar

    good video tutorials. keep at it.

  16. Sami Pajaziti Avatar

    You're videos are so well explained that everytime I watch you're videos I learn something new I work with themes and I learned to create wordpress theme by following you're videos.Sir you're awesome !

  17. Muhammad Raza Ali Khan Avatar

    Really nice video series. Your style of explaining things is very simple and slow, just perfect for a newbie. Can't wait for the next Tuesday.

    Just one thing, do you have any plans of creating videos for GUI based software for committing and pushing/pulling files? The one I'm interested in is SmartGit

  18. Kijubei Avatar

    Nice Video!

    How about a video on javascript vs php? I still don't know the exact differences and when to use what.

  19. Thang Tran Quyet Avatar

    thank bro! please make [hook git] video

  20. Ankit Chhetri Avatar

    handlebars tutorial

  21. Eric Dallah Avatar

    Do you by any chance have a cms building tutorial?

  22. Sosig Avatar

    Please continue this :'(

  23. abdou kouzina Avatar

    i'm the first comment ,what about you?!

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