Git Video Tutorial 4

Get the Cheat Sheet and Transcript Here :

Init, Add, Commit, Status, Diff, Rm, Log and Installation :

GitHub, Remote Repositories, Push, Pull, Remote, Fetch, Tagging, Aliases and Clone :

Branching, HEAD, Checkout, Rebasing, Reverting, Reset, Clean, Solving Merge Conflicts and Mergetool :

In this part of my git video tutorial I will answer a bunch of questions I have received.

We’ll cover how to generate and use SSH keys locally as well as on GitHub. We’ll then look at how to set up multiple GitHub accounts on one computer. Through this you’ll easily be able to change accounts with one simple command.

Then we’ll look at some examples on how the Fork & Pull workflow works on GitHub.






20 responses to “Git Video Tutorial 4”

  1. Pawan Malwal Avatar

    Good one.. Got all of my doubts clarified.. Thanks Derek..

  2. sahil gupta Avatar

    Nice Tutorial series on GIT.
    Very helpfull.

  3. Computer Science Avatar

    Is there more of structured manual of all the commands ? with basic definitions? something like the one for eclipse shortcuts?

  4. Murilo Livorato Avatar

    Very good tutorial My Friend .

  5. shrawan lakhe Avatar

    simple and easy to follow tutorial. Learned a lot. Thank you very much for such awesome tutorial

  6. Sergio Freitas Avatar

    Thank you for the videos, Derek!

  7. Eli Avatar

    great series of tuts. thanks

  8. SHIBIN PAUL Avatar

    Thank you for the 4 part Git series. It helped me to get up and running on Git within 2 hours.

  9. Jim Paulo Ovejera Avatar

    Can you go a little bit more further about merge and rebase? thanks!

  10. Amit Blumenfeld Avatar

    greate tutorial, helped me alot and saved my java project ^_^. thank you (althouge i founded the 4th one a litel bit harder to folow)

  11. Erez Pickman Avatar

    Thank you for the four parts. Very easy to follow!

  12. Prasad Sangle Avatar

    Very helpful tutorial series… 🙂

    Could plz do 5th Part of this tutorial series explaining – How to handle all the Git operations using Eclipse. It would be complete reference to GIT version control

  13. Fartnarg Avatar

    Omgersh lol I love your videos man, but when you use something like Vim for something vitally important like SSH keys, gotta show the ropes on that software. It was an absolute nightmare to mud my way through that.

  14. Minglu Ma Avatar

    Thanks! So helpful!

  15. Frozelar Avatar

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. So helpful.

  16. Emmanouil Kounalakis Avatar

    Best git tutorial ever. 

  17. Tree And a Duck Avatar

    Thank you, not only you are a great programmer, your recipes are awesome as well!

  18. Alexandre Formagio Avatar

    Thanks Derek, great tutorial. 

  19. ILykToDoDuhDrifting Avatar

    "git merge upstream/master"- this merges files on github with local files… from fork @ derekbanas to local files… so it's the same thing as pull? So merge does an implicit fetch when the branch is specified? … when explaining that, you need to fetch first right? but rebase is recommended over merge for updates from "upstream," which i assume is the repo on newthinktank, not derekbanas?

  20. ILykToDoDuhDrifting Avatar

    upstream uses the derekbanas in the video? I thought it would be the newthinktank repo? both origin and upstream use the derekbanas url, but upstream points to the original newthinktank repo? "The original remote" refers to newthinktank, not the fork on derekbanas right? so why doesn't upstream use the newthinktank url?

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