Google Analytics WordPress – A Google Analytics Training

This google analytics tutorial will setup in a snap. First we will head over to the google analytics login to setup your account. Just follow along and you will be getting killer stats and see how your visitors are using your site! We will be using the google analytics Yoast google analytics plugin for this tutorial!






7 responses to “Google Analytics WordPress – A Google Analytics Training”

  1. Jacqui Bester Avatar

    Incredibly informative and to the point! Thank you!

  2. sunnyseher sunnel Avatar

    I could not find yoast google analytics.please advise

  3. Driveaholic Avatar

    should i go for google Analytics Premium or just the Analytics?

  4. td sensoy Avatar

    Thank you I apritiate for your valuable affort to explain us very complex issues in very convinent way.

  5. Khurram Qureshi Avatar

    this was just great great … i was totally unaware of the power of ggole analytics and you have put it down so beautifully …crisp and to the point ..thanks a ton

  6. Eddy Mywood Avatar

    Awesome! Very much appreciated. Thank you.

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