Guest: John Henry Thompson

The Coding Train welcomes the inventor of the Lingo programming language John Henry Thompson!

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John Henry Thompson’s most significant contribution to the computer industry to date is the invention of the Macromedia Director Lingo scripting language.

He also helped nurture a generation of multimedia professionals as a graduate level college professor at New York University.

He earned a degree in Computer Science and Visual Studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1983.

He has created art using 3D graphics, video disc, and real-time video processing. Some of my interactive art installations have been exhibited internationally.

He has worked at Macromedia from 1987 to 2001 where he held the position of Chief Scientist, the highest engineering position at Macromedia.

He is now developing DICE: a platform for exploring art, learning, and computer science.

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12 responses to “Guest: John Henry Thompson”

  1. Arash Kiani Avatar

    So sad that adobe bought Macromedia, I used to love all of their software

  2. Keith Kritselis Avatar

    I learned programming with Basic, but I learned to love programming with Director 4.1 and lingo. Thanks JT! And thanks Dan!

  3. infamousentnyc Avatar


  4. Clean Phil Wanted Avatar

    Nice! my first job, career-wise, was writing in director/ lingo!

  5. Stelios Toulis Avatar

    The legend himself.

  6. Brother Lui Avatar

    Wow, gratulations. Two genius men together, what could go wrong. Admiration level 10/10.

  7. Hans PS Hansen Avatar

    do know about hypercard, i mostly program in a language that are based on hypercard, it is called livecode, pretty easy language, but think i need to learn other things

  8. Ciccio&Bombo Avatar

    People are invading yor channel, WALL!

    Lol, jk

  9. Kaushal Singh Avatar

    John Thompson, welcome to coding train

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