Guest Tutorial #1: Board and p5.js with Tega Brain

This is the first in a new series of guest tutorials!

My first guest is Tega Brain. Tega is an Australian artist, teacher and engineer who gives us a tutorial on environmental sensing and p5.js. In this video, she shows you how to set up a light sensor with a wireless physical computing platform called Particle. She teaches you how to read the data in p5js and make a basic data visualization.

Link to code:

Link to particle website:

Below is a link to the Particle tutorial that’s referred to in this video. This getting started tutorial lists the electronic components you need, shows how to build the circuit, and provides the Particle code that Tega walks through. It’s the section under the subheading “Read your Photoresistor: Function and Variable ” at this link:

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Playlist on RESTful APIs:
Video on JSON:

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25 responses to “Guest Tutorial #1: Board and p5.js with Tega Brain”

  1. Roko567 Avatar

    what a lovely voice

  2. Ansh Shah Avatar

    please do a video with arduino

  3. Dale Longgone Basye Avatar

    thanks for your help understanding sensors

  4. Tom Burris Avatar

    This just reminds me how privileged we are to have Daniel with so much energy.

  5. Noajm IsMy Name Avatar

    wow this is so better than uploading manually lol

  6. mathIsART Avatar

    Awesome intro! Tega is so cool, too!

  7. Ed Hebert Avatar

    Awesome! Also, Tega mentioned that there was a second tutorial with another microcontroller / P5 demo…is that tutorial live?

  8. movecraft Avatar

    loving the guests! More!

  9. Guiseppe Avatar

    An Australian version of 7 of 9 that's better dressed. Your light will be monitored!

  10. LucidCraft Studios Avatar

    this was a very valuable session, thank you both for this 🙂 I really liked Tega's pace and diction.

  11. Dominic Forster Avatar

    Really good tutorial. Like that Tega Brain took that much time to explain this topic in detail. Thank you

  12. BinaryReader Avatar

    Thank you Tega, very interesting !

  13. Lewby Avatar

    Hello Dan!
    I recently stumbled upon a free game called Ending
    here is the link : (downloadable better than online)
    Anyway, I think it would be awesome if you could make a coding challenge video where you try and recreate this game.

  14. MineTemplum Avatar

    Really thankfull for the video. Allways wanted to make something in the IoT Context. Particle seems like a good solution to my problems.

  15. Isaiah Anderson Avatar

    This was amazing!! I had no idea this technology was even out there.

  16. Taraka Pranav Rayudu Avatar

    Yay! This channel is finally becoming something bigger than one person. This sign of expansion is awesome, and I am looking forward to the outcome of this approach!

  17. Mathieu Plasse Avatar

    This is great! Very interesting!

  18. Yardie Avatar

    Liked it a lot Daniel. Looking forward to more guest speakers. Cool stuff

  19. Gabriel Cyrillo Avatar

    Really, really interesting stuff 😀

  20. Saurabh Gangamwar Avatar

    thank you ,so much for this video.

  21. Dr1nc Avatar


    I love your channel.

  22. Dean Coakley Avatar

    I like the way Daniel looks at the camera a bit more/better. Maybe he is more used to this than her. 🙂

  23. aprendiendoando Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial, greetings from Colombia

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