Guest Tutorial #9: Color Predictor with Jabril

Jabril visits the Coding Train to present a new project: A Machine Learning Color Predictor!

🔗 Code presented today:

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🎥 Color Predictor Machine Learning Demo:
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🎥 My Neural Networks playlist:
🎥 My Genetic Algorithms playlist:






8 responses to “Guest Tutorial #9: Color Predictor with Jabril”

  1. Cristi Hasna Avatar

    can't wait for the coding challenge!

  2. tolay Avatar

    u have maaaa like

  3. Phich Avatar

    I'm going to like this because A) I like it B) 39 likes bothers me.

  4. Rage Avatar

    yey! New video!!!!

  5. Alto Bluedot Avatar

    I predict this will get a 1000000 likes!

  6. 10'000W Avatar

    top 10 best anime crossovers

  7. Devon Steyn Avatar

    Awesome videos, please continue! 😀

  8. piet mens Avatar

    Love ur vids man keep it up

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