Gulp (Gulp.js) Tutorial for Beginners – 4 – Plugins and Sass/SCSS

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24 responses to “Gulp (Gulp.js) Tutorial for Beginners – 4 – Plugins and Sass/SCSS”


    can you make more on gulp

  2. Thomas Williams Avatar

    This is a good tutorial and a good start, but is there going to be any more tutorials in this series, and do we have to add this node folder to every project. It is so big?

  3. Jason Chong Avatar

    hi my gulp-sass directory is not appearing in my node_modules directory but it is appearing as a dependency in package.json…what should i do? thxx

  4. Muneeb Hassan Avatar

    Good video and very good way to teach. This is 4th video and I was following you now I am stuck how can I start gulp and show us when we save scss file that should be convert into css. If you already done send me the link. Thank you

  5. Eli Kihara Avatar

    Hi Bucky, just clarify this for me; "what's up ????, thank you for…." What goes in ????, (can't add an extra ? For question).

  6. Max Drljić Avatar

    I think it's much easier to use sass compiler with command line, you can actually tell sass to "watch" for changes in a specific file.

  7. Keeran Govender Avatar

    Is there no next tutorial?

  8. Compscilaw Avatar

    Can I have the last 10 minutes of my life back?

  9. Leamsi Ordnavi Avatar

    thank you one more time Mr. Tuna 🙂

  10. Archin modi Avatar

    very helpfull and very detail to explain… superb….

  11. Jayesh Kanade Avatar

    Hey this is very helpful thanks you sharing 🙂
    I have question. should i do this everything when i start new project?

  12. Afrila Bimaris Avatar

    Mr, i dont know why if i close all program gulp and will start again gulp sass i drag file to cmd and type "gulp watch" but the answer is my file "is not recognized as an internal or external command..
    Please help me. i'm beginner .. 🙁 🙁

  13. Israel Belete Avatar

    God bless u my brother!!

  14. Betül Uzun Avatar

    I love your videos about gulp, thank you so much 🙂
    But what am I gonna do if I have many scss files?

  15. Santiago Galeano Avatar

    "Oh you didn't add a description.. You didn't add a PROFESSIONAL README file.. Shut up I don't have time for that, bro.." hahahah you're the best man, thanks for these amazing tutorials!

  16. Thasidaran Kanasen Avatar

    Thank you for making this video !

  17. vivek joshi Avatar

    hi I getting this error The term 'gulp' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, while i running the code on windows powershell, please anyone help me guys on this.

  18. Thinkeverclear Avatar

    Excellent tutorial, just one thing: what to do with sass partials? This setup does not include sass partials.

  19. Joshua Albert Avatar

    Just went through the tutorial. Checked and double-checked the spelling and syntax. Got the same output on the console, but the css file was not created. I had to change both the src and dest paths by removing the 'app' in the path. Every time I tried to call a gulp command outside of that, it was unable to find the gulpfile.js, so I'm guessing I accidentally left out a -g flag somewhere along the line. Hope that helps somebody who ran into the same issue.

  20. Gitanjali Wagh Avatar

    Thanks for this great video tutorial. You explained it very well, I enjoyed learning.

  21. Abdullah Alemadi Avatar

    Thanks !
    Any new uploads to this tutorial?

  22. codyq0987 Avatar

    great tutorial! thank you. Do you have any plan on OpenFin?

  23. Jedidiah Avelino Avatar

    just a follow up to those guys who do not know. you do not want to include the node_modules folder when committing and pushing your local files into a remote repository (i.e., github, bitbucket) since you can easily install it via npm since the dependencies is set in package.json file. here's how to, just create a .gitignore file and add the node_modules as folder to ignore. you're welcome.

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