Gutenberg Review – Lets Take A Closer Look at the Gutenberg Editor😱

The gutenberg editor will be replaced the classic editor for wordpress in version 5.0. It should be released in the coming months hopefully!

The gutenberg page editor allows you to create posts and pages with this new style editor. I personally think its an upgrade from the old wordpress editor but i dont think it will be replacing page builders or themes any time soon.

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6 responses to “Gutenberg Review – Lets Take A Closer Look at the Gutenberg Editor😱”

  1. Junaid Gohan Avatar

    But why do we need it when there's already elementor and divi?

  2. Omar Waleed Avatar

    Another great video, thanks

  3. Paul Renaud Avatar

    Another great video. Amazing that you take the time to research all this for us. You are a rock star.

  4. Eastward Ape Avatar

    I wanted to say Happy belated teacher's day, Darrel! You're one of the best teachers of my life.

  5. Med France Avatar

    Darrel Wilson can you please update videos about how to droPSHIPPING WEBSITE with WordPress and Woocommerce and what plugin we need and ho to chose right theme

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