Hand Lettering Tutorial | Crayola Marker Brush Calligraphy 🖌

Brush lettering is so fun, but I remember when I started taking an interest in doing it I had to buy a load of brushes from the dark corners of the internet. So in this video I show you how you can use just a Crayola Marker Pen to create some amazing brush calligraphy.

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40 responses to “Hand Lettering Tutorial | Crayola Marker Brush Calligraphy 🖌”

  1. Hermione Granger Avatar

    Sir actually I hv brushpens but the tip just gets rough and too rigid whenever I use thin strokes,, any suggestions??

  2. Meer Sindi Avatar

    The only time when I need crayola markers I don't have them

  3. Nick Harland Avatar

    Will you make this look so easy! I Work daily with design and type, and hand drawn lettering is a fine art! subscribed… and im away to the shops to buy some crayola pens ha ha.

  4. Oskar Bravo Avatar

    Damn this shit is kind of mesmerising to watch! I wondered why it was so popular on YouTube, but it looks like (as a hobby) it would keep you occupied for a good chunk of time haha…

  5. Jedi Bobbafeta Avatar

    Just started as a tattoo apprentice, really struggle with but have a huge passion and love for all things calligraphy. This has blown my mind.. I've been searching for videos, books and weather to buy ink and pens but I'm definitely going to buy some crayola tomorrow. Please keep making these videos.. thank you so much mate!

  6. Cool Calm and Mom Avatar

    Loved your simple technique. I just started with this marker too

  7. chees e Avatar

    have you tried doing this with watercolor?

  8. Brittney Morgan Avatar

    Is calligraphy harder for left handed people? I haven't tried it yet, but it seems like it would be more difficult since cursive leans to the right and flows that direction

  9. Eun Anna Avatar

    I will never look at these markers as baby art supplies anymore. I love this video!!!

  10. SilentWolf Avatar

    Does crayola supertips is the same like crayola broad marker?

  11. Doble L Avatar

    God, I got chills everytime you used the marker, can't handle the sound

  12. Maxene Nicole Avatar

    How much are those markers?

  13. Kristi 's Vlogs Avatar

    seems like you are also starting in one direction (top to bottom) instead of going back up again from bottom-to-top on the strokes of the letters.

  14. Adrian Bigno Avatar

    🙁 the thunbnail is not here. lies…

  15. uneventful life of monikah Avatar

    My 7 year old found this video and is now only looking at videos about handlettering. Since you used regular Crayola markers he felt he could maybe do it too 🙂

  16. BluezConcepts Avatar

    My handwriting sucks so cba to even try cali. xD

  17. Vidit Agarwal Avatar

    Are there any books you'd recommend for lettering specifically? not Typography but on understanding ways to construct and draw letter.

  18. Vancie Hazelwood Avatar

    you got me .. now I'm compelled to check your Instagram

  19. In es Avatar

    Amazing 🙂 and so calming!

  20. Fraktur Obsession Avatar

    I love your videos specially those regarding logo design, really helpful and informative, you're not just making a show with your brilliant abilities. I hope one day I will be a great designer like you, stay blessed

  21. Maísa Gontijo Avatar

    Will, I love your videos!
    I'd like to suggest a topic: how long should it take to present the first version of a logo to a client. I know it depends on many variables, but I've been seeing many agencies stating that they deliver the first version within 2 days and to me it seen like a kind of "fast food" logo design process. Am I wrong?

  22. bzride Avatar

    Hey Will! Love the videos! Thanks for sharing your techniques. Quick question; what is your camera set up here for recording? Interested thanks

  23. Steve Brockie Avatar

    Never even thought to use a Crayola marker, love the results, will deffos give this a try!

  24. Heather Marie Avatar

    so inspiring. Think I might need to go out and get some Crayola Markers now!
    xo Heather

  25. Made by Mighty Avatar

    Love the video man. I always end up going back to the good old Crayola markers I find they have just the right feel. Cheers!

  26. David Pruitt Avatar

    Absolutely love your videos! I am learning so much, so thank you for that! Never thought much about a Crayola marker. Gotta try this one out!

  27. Last Noobn Avatar

    "kind of good hand control…its not the best". Thats what i call bullcrap, lol.

  28. smokew33d4life420xxx Avatar

    Awesome video as always Will! I appreciate the effort you put into making these videos. You don't see many great hand lettering videos like this. I would love to see more! You're a really big inspiration, man. When I saw this I immediately thought of Colin Tierney. He has made in-depth tutorials for everyone to learn on his website. I highly recommend you guys check him out if you love hand lettering & calligraphy! 🙂

  29. NuckyNils Avatar

    Nice video, but I (and maybe others) am/are wondering how to accomplish David Milans style (assuming you know him). His style is very quick and it gives the ends of each stroke a cool flourish that's difficult to get when going slow.

    I've tried his style myself but i just couldn't figure out how he remains so controlled.
    Do you have any ideas or tips?

    Would love to get a response, and keep making videos! I enjoy watching them.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. EAD Avatar

    Please! More hand letteting iPad Pro tutorials!! Pleeeaaseeee

  31. Simply Prism Avatar

    Is it just me or is this oddly satisfying.

  32. Aniroc192 Avatar

    You make it look so easy~ Practice makes perfect, though. How long did you practice with a Crayola marker till you felt comfortable with it/with what you were producing?

  33. spllitz Avatar

    mine turned out like shit

  34. Thyphonius Avatar

    Tnx for teaching us Will. Really like ur tutorials and style.

  35. suki Avatar

    great job on this

  36. KINZU Y. Avatar

    IS TOMBOW ABT a good brush pen??

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