Hand Lettering Tutorial | How To Use A Brush Pen

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42 responses to “Hand Lettering Tutorial | How To Use A Brush Pen”

  1. Veerle Koreman Avatar

    I bought a brush pen without having any idea what to do with it and then just googled how it works, cannot believe how helpful this actually was, thanks!

  2. Eiliyah Nasser Avatar

    why do you look like ed sheeran

  3. heyyy jez Avatar

    where you buying bruspen i dont have a brush pen but im want to buyyinng it =)

  4. Kaustubh Singh Avatar

    Your Quite Good But Stop Making Crappy Excuses…

  5. Idiot Idiot Avatar

    Couldn't be bothered to buy a posh pen so I used crayola brush things. I'm a fucking genius.

  6. darshan mangukiya Avatar

    hey, will amazing tutorial. here is my question. can you please suggest all in one brush pen for bigginers?? just for writing some kind of words. not so much use.. and thanx for everything….

  7. emili darrow Avatar

    you're a young james corden!! haha, great video!!

  8. Luk Raemaekers Avatar

    make a video wear you show os wich matrials you use

  9. MissJollyCatMeow Avatar

    How should i hold the pen and should my hand be moving or my wrist?

  10. Nia :/ Avatar

    unrelated but you really sound like Jon Snow

  11. Quimich Bravo Avatar

    Great video. What kind of paper are you writing on ?

  12. Rackstar Avatar

    I want dark like ink. These are very light. Any suggestions? Or, do I just use and ink pen?

  13. kalakriti pillai Avatar

    I wasn't using the best quality pen or paper, but I think I'm getting it. Thanks!!

  14. jacksnicehat Avatar

    someone else too stupid for this?

  15. Reshad Abd Avatar

    Would you make a video about how to be a creative designer please

  16. DisabledPrepper Avatar

    Thank you. Warm regards.. D/P

  17. Jennifer Sassano Avatar

    Thank you! My "L"s were looking off until I learned this up & down trick!

  18. Amit Sarraf Avatar

    lettering is good but not answering is so bad ….

  19. Erica Heap Avatar

    will: "this is not the best I can do"

    me: iTs bEtTeR thAn aNYtHinG i cOuLd dO

  20. Ron TaylorAccosi Avatar

    "That's a really bad N"

  21. Clar issa Avatar

    The moment when you dont have money to buy calligraphy pens

  22. BasicallyCharlie Avatar

    This was SO helpful. One Question, could you tell me the links for the best brush pens you think are to buy starting out? Not cheap rubbish ones that won't work, but good ones for beginners!

  23. Shuffling Fate Avatar

    "Its just pressing down with your arm a little bit not so much your fingers" that helped me so much! Thank you!

  24. Gabi Dizon Avatar

    I still get the feeling that you look like James Cordon.
    But still love what you do though

  25. Chloe Wojtowicz Avatar

    you are so cool, man. Keep doing what you do 🙂

  26. Meow 8147 Avatar

    12:37 "Thats a reeeally bad n.." nice joke bro

  27. Brian Wingard Avatar

    Cheers, Will. I love that there is no wasted time in your videos. You obviously have thought out what you wanted to say, prior to filming. Also, thanks for speaking up, speaking clearly, without cracking your voice. It made you so easily understood. Very well-done. Respect, from New Orleans, Louisiana, United States!

  28. Gratitude Ranch Avatar

    yours is the first video that showed how squeaky the pens are, lol. I was surprised when I first broke mine out. hahaha

  29. Bridgette Avatar

    Thank you so much!! Beautifully done!!

  30. Grey Allura Avatar

    One of the best tutorials for beginners, truly. I like how you broke the writing down to pieces / step by step, which made it much easier to learn and practice. Thanks thanks

  31. Izzatul Yazidah Avatar

    I love your "a" very much haha

  32. Calligraphy Masters Avatar

    Great job mate!! Thanks for the video!! :))) #CalligraphyMasters

  33. Ilayda yokarıbaş Avatar

    Do you think that everyone's writing might be different?

  34. Tobias Sutterlüty Avatar

    I really like your videos Will!
    i'd definitely like to see a video about your equipment for hand lettering

  35. Jennifer Buchholz Avatar

    What do you use for a document camera?

  36. Kandice Heller Avatar

    Fabulous. Thank you.

  37. Naomi VanOrder Avatar

    The trouble I am having is when I release the pressure to come back up like on the connector or the strokes you use for the U or lowercase i is that the line doesn't become thin like it is supposed to. Do you have any advice or tips for this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

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