Hello again! (Update on bike accident)

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29 responses to “Hello again! (Update on bike accident)”

  1. Silly Bugger Avatar

    life is so short and it sucks, is it worth the coding we get to do??

  2. David Avatar

    you a the best yt ever

  3. trying to be funny and all Avatar

    Dan, I hope you will be well soon!!! And blame the Machine Learning in the world for this!

  4. Naman Mehta Avatar

    ohh damn, and i was like why dan's not posting any videos, may be he's busy grading papers!
    anyways, get well soon, i hope you are fine and recovered now, cz i'm more than 2 months late.

  5. Abul Maleeh Avatar

    Get well soon man!

  6. Jen Chan Avatar

    wow. sorry to hear that. take care!

  7. Jean-Michel Torres Avatar

    Bless you Dan, keep smiling, and come back soon. Merci pour vos vidéos, c'est génial. Merci.

  8. Y134 Avatar

    Are you ok? Are you going to upload new tutorials soon?

  9. Skloutown Avatar

    coding all the night?

  10. master computer Avatar

    oh dan , b cerfl next time

  11. Cezar Mocanu Avatar

    Get well soon, Dan! Take your time, we are waiting for you 🙂

  12. the colorful rainbow Avatar

    get better you amazing creature

  13. Ad Ram Avatar

    Please put ads on all videos, you deserve the income man.

  14. Ad Ram Avatar

    We love you, get well soon. Really sorry about the accident. Take your time to get well !!

  15. joseluis fernandez mateo Avatar

    alert("You´re broken");

  16. DriverUpdate Avatar

    Bro, should've included <script language="javascript" src="libraries/p5.collide2d.js"></script>… Get your collision detection right

  17. Demetris Leptos Avatar

    BONE BROTH [pressure cook those chicken drumsticks] -google for recipies

  18. Carl Jones Avatar

    Oh, also, you are seriously too valuable to the human species to be taking the risk of riding a bike bro.

  19. Carl Jones Avatar

    Had a nice crash myself last Fall. Suuuuper not fun. Hope you heal quickly sir.

  20. Martin Dinev Avatar

    hey , what happened with agario part 3?

  21. brocksprogramming Avatar

    Glad you're well. I like your videos.

  22. Dewa Nanda Avatar

    get well soon sir

  23. Anastasios Vogiatzis Avatar

    Maybe its more that, you get chaotic with your beautiful brain and miss the boring details of the streets 🙂 .
    Keep it up with machine learning! As soon as i finish with my job and settle up, ill follow as well.
    Maybe now you get some time to think that what you do is VERY important and have some time off, you've done so much allready man. Love! <3

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